Read this before you give your Vehicle to a Junk Yard!

“Free” “Free”, these words are luring enough to captivate any one’s mind. Who doesn’t love free service? We can’t deny the fact, we love anything with the word “Free”, even if its associated with free car removal service. These are something which catches us and divert our mind. Free service with extra cash & extra space. An extra room where you can park your new shining car. Driving is an exciting and fun filled part. For that part of excitement, few costs are definitely associated. Wearing and tearing of vehicle is a normal part but a difficult task is to find out peaceful solutions to strongly hold those broken components together. In Australia, we understand that spaces are valuable and you don’t want your old car taking it up. If you are creative enough you can, use various DIY techniques and even make a vehicle garden for your children to play around. But, do you really want to do that? Or do you want it to be taken by the auto wreckers for free of cost & even pay you with satisfactory amount. Just remember, fixing it shouldn’t exceed the cost price. Navigate every workshop, best take quotations from them and compare their price list. If the prices are lower then go for it, but if reciprocal dump it! Few questions to ask while choosing a junk car removal company:
  1. Where are they located?
Your ideal junkyard should be located within your area.  Reason, a distance located provider, can charge you an additional amount just to pick your rusty one. Their also exist chances where they may never show up, even if they give you a commitment.  Dealing with a local company makes you assured. Reason, you know them, secondly as they are near your locality, they can pick your scrap for free of cost. In an addition, you will be supporting a local business and its economy instead of booming the revenue of a business located milestone away.
  1. Will they help you with every paper work?
Paper work here mean, transferring the ownership of your car to a removal company. The paper work task, involving transfer of ownership requires loads of messy legal works. And a reputable car removal company should be helping you out with every necessary paper work. The only thing you want is to bear the liability although you have surrendered your vehicles to car removal company. So, be careful and sure while signing the paperwork and transferring the ownership to whosoever will be picking your vehicle from your premises.
  1. Will they pay you on spot? Or later?
Many of the junk removals claim to release payment on spot, but when embracing reality, the scenario turns different. They take you car, and you need to constantly bug them to pay you out. It turns out to be an annoying situation. In such, the quoted amount might dip, and you might be under paid. Ask them straightly about their payment strategies. Some offer quick payments while some offer cheques, which might never clear. Have money in hand before you let them tow your vehicle.
  1. Will they match their cash quote with yours?
When you approach any car removing company, they will ask you for your quote with vehicle description and detail. After you agree with their quote, they shall come to pick your vehicle, but the cash quote should be the same, it should not differ from any amount on what they had previously offered you. Don’t accept cheques, deal in cash. If any dime changes, inform them about your discontinuation of service with them. If, its same, give a green go!
  1. Do they give you free towing service?
You don’t want to drag your old one to their station by paying additional charge to some other towers. Taking towing service from others can cost you high. You don’t want to pay another added cost for that piece, right? Find it out. If your local service provider has the service or not. If they don’t, search for other car removal service provider who give that Free service.
  1. Lastly, make sure to transfer every liability
Before the driver leaves with your assets, make them sign and fill out registrations of the vehicle. Even if the registration gets misplaced, bill of sale will be a proof, which the driver should provide it on spot. Contact Maitland Car Removal service for a decent quote. For every car seller, it is important to ensure you deal with licensed, registered cash car dealers. We comply with every government rules & regulations to provide you with hassle-free, quick and complete legal service. If you have any junk, old or unwanted to car to sell, call us today at 0413 653 281!
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