Old Car Removal

Do you want to sell your old car? Are you finding out ways to get rid of your old car to purchase the latest one? If you are going through the above- mentioned dilemma, don’t worry, Maitland Car Removal Service is here to save you from loss. We provide quick and convenient service across Sydney region. Whether office, home, garage, back yard or anywhere we will come to tow it for free. We are experts in removing old cars. If you are seeking for reliable service in this matter, remember us, we not only relive your stress but also offer best price. We are a Sydney established business with years of professional expertise and experience. When you do business with us, you are assured with reliability and quality service. Our priority is to set 100% client satisfaction record on every committed deal.

We offer free car removal for

  • Vehicles including motorbikes, cars, SUVs, 4WDs, UTEs, vans, commercial vehicles and many more.
  • Regardless of vehicle condition we buy back every smashed car, scrap car, old car, accident damaged vehicles and junk car.
  • Vehicles of top brands & models including Nissan, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Fiat, Toyota, Mercedes, Subaru and many more.

When to remove your old car?

Before throwing it away, owners should be careful and identify the pros and cons of purchasing new versus its repair. Answering the given questions by the end of it would give you tentative idea whether your old car is worth keeping it or scrapping it away.
  • Pricing of your car: How much worthy is your car? Make sure to check your car’s value with authorized dealers or auto mechanics. A 20-year-old car might hold a value of $3,000 while a 10-year-old may hold few considerable values. If you are sending pre-repaired car, you should inform the buyer about it.
  • Cost of replacing your car: A repayment plan would cost around few hundred dollars a month, but if repairing your car would take away thousands of bucks every month better to remove it and get a new one. At least you don’t have to worry about getting broken in an isolated place or during emergency period.
  • Amount paid as service every year: If your repairs are higher then your repayments to a new vehicle than there is no point in lingering with the second thought i.e. repairs. In near future maybe after 5 years you might need to repair your new car but for now at least you will be saving cost in fuel portion.
  • Repair cost & its longevity: Even after spending large chunks, you are not sure about how long it will survive. If repair is just done once in a year and if it sustains for few more years, go ahead. But if every week you spend hundreds of dollars to keep it going, there is no point of keeping and pushing it.
  • Budget affordability: If you are struggling to pay hundred dollars every month in car repairs, better to sell it off to a scrapper who would pay good amount of money for your junk.
Seeking maximum cash from an old car? Call us now on 0431 463 481, our representatives are available with best price quote which you can’t deny. You can also send us an e-mail at info@maitlandcarremoval.com.au  for more brief queries and information. Don’t hesitate, just ring us and leave your contact and vehicle details today!
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