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We are your local junk car purchaser – Vehicle Wreckers paying you highest cash for every type and kind including van, truck, Ute, 4×4 of vehicles, regardless of its condition & make year in Newcastle, Australia. Get your old, scrap or unwanted car picked up for free getting paid for it – fast cash and hassle-free. We tow your car in Newcastle for paying you the highest cash possible. Our service as a local car scrapper, we pay cash for scrap cars in the whole of the Newcastle region, Australia. To prevent our customers from getting tangled into extremities of paper works, and deport service, we have taken initiation in providing free towing service. Maitland car removal will tow your car for free. From now onwards, neither worry on getting rid of your old cars nor about taking scrap vehicles to Junkers or vehicle wreckers at your cost. We take all the responsibilities of inspecting, picking, dropping off your vehicles. We guarantee you Hassle-free sale, quick service with no stress & pressure. We even reduce the expense of advertisement and unnecessary bargaining. We buy back your scrap car as it is and pay you immediate cash not exceeding $9,999. We make sure to pay you the highest price with an instant spot on. We render car removal service in Newcastle, Maitland, Macquarie, Hunter region, Central coast, Cessnock and other remaining areas of Australia. So, once you take the decision to get rid of your car, just remember us to sell your unwanted scrap! Till date, we have been known as the highest payer for car removal.  We have remained in business long enough to build a strong reputation. In a simple phone call, you can get our service immediately. Get an “instant and fast cash offer”! Don’t throw your vehicles away, at free of cost! Just call us, we will help you get rid of it and give you the best price for your scrap. We buy hundreds of vehicles for weekly service. Whether your vehicle is just a metal piled junk or not a repairable one, just contact us.

What we provide you, to assist you meaningfully

We have directed our services in sectors to expand the services & to offer you top cash with reliable and efficient service.
  • Cash for cars around New Castle is quoted up to $9,999 depending on the model, age, condition & making of the car.
  • Unwanted car removal round and inside the periphery of Newcastle, Australia.
  • You can claim the benefit of selling the car to us with a free car towing service and get instant money.
  • No matter how rusty, wrecked, damaged your car is, you get paid the right amount of cash for any types of vehicles.
  • Damaged, broken, old, accident, rusted every type of cars or trucks are purchased by us.
  • Cash for scrap cars, receive up to $9,999 – the instant money.
  • Cash for a used car, which is no longer running, and which is becoming an added burden in your life, you can sell it to us.
  • Also, We buy Cars for parts, the value of your car depends on the condition of parts.

Steps you need to fulfill when approaching us

  • Ring us at 0431 463 481, and quote your price.
  • Give in the vehicles detail & accordingly we can offer a fair price for your vehicles.
  • If you give us a green signal, i.e. you accept our quote, our professionals shall come to your location for quick inspections according to your time convenience.
  • Within designated time, we shall come to collect it and give your payouts.
  • Depending on the vehicle conditions. Either we tow & bring back to our premises or leave it in our wrecking yard.
Giving you the best price quote is our added objectives. Get a generous cash value for auto disposal. We are the only entity operating green cycles. To render service from reliable auto wreckers, pick your phone & ring us in 0431 463 481 or e-mail us at
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Newcastle Car Removal
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Maitland Car Removal,
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Telephone No.0431 463 481
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Unwanted car removal service in Newcastle offering you highest cash for every type and kind of vehicle including van, truck, Ute, 4x4 of vehicles, regardless of its condition & make year.