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Looking for Junk car towing in Sydney? We can help!

Finding a company for junk car towing in Sydney is a tough task. Firstly, you need to find out the right buyer who is willing to purchase your vehicle is whatsoever conditions. And secondly, finding the “one” who agrees to pay you the given quote. We believe this to be an extreme hectic task. A biggest preparation to sell off your vehicle. A difficult part but an important process. Cars for some are the second home and its no surprise. If you owe a car, that you have stopped using and is simply occupying your front yard or your driveway, you can simply get a junk car towing company in Sydney to remove it. You may actually get surprised at payouts offered by them. To be more precise, these company pay you for your vehicle parts for second hand sales. And the valuation for every part is carried out by the auto-professionals, so there exists no situation of under-payments. Your junk car doesn’t have to be a complete loss. So, even if the frames are pretty much badly damaged, or the engine is totally busted? You still can cash out the junk vehicle, as the auto wreckers still believe that there are few values left in every remaining scrap metal. The far suited method of getting maximum cash for your cash is to be savvy with the car sale.  

Prime factors to put cash for junk car services are at top are:

  • Removing junk prevents your from paying unnecessary insurance charges, gas fees and break down maintenance. In such situation, the advantages of selling and buying junk car are apparent.
  • Ugly/broken/old vehicles seek for regular maintenance. A long bill is definitely there. If you just compare the costs of obtaining a new car and the amount you are spending every day on fixing your old one, you will figure out the saving portion.
  • Selling your vehicle to a towing company will flow in cash to buy a new one.
  • Irrespective of the car condition and location, car removal offers a reasonable price for the junk car removal. They voluntarily take away the old one, pay you as per their assessment and help you to take away the transport to their destination. The entire process is carried out without any hassle and bustle.
  • Junk car removal service provider are always on schedule, trust-worthy and efficient. You don’t have to constantly nag them, nor do you have to follow them. Instead they are the ones, who shall respond to your call and perform the entire service on time.
  • Location for them doesn’t matter. They understand your valuable time, that is why they call you up, and assign their customer representatives to make and receive your phone call.

How should we pick Junk Car Removal service?

Internet is charged with car removal companies, where a simple search for “car removal” will offer you list of business who are there to serve you with services such as scrap car, damaged car, junk car removal services. But not all of these shared companies are committed in providing excellent quality services to exceed or stand on the expectations of the seller. Maitland Car Removal company stands out for the rest of the customer focused service and at a same time offers high price for the scrap, old cars and junk in surroundings and New Castle area. We understand the priorities set by our customers, so too level up with it we have been providing free towing services along with greater customer services. We are a reliable car removal company serving the whole of Sydney & New Castle territory. We have years of experience in offering wide range of removal services, making the owners easier to get rid of the cars, which they had never thought to sell. Our services include;
  • Cars for cash services
  • Cash for used cars
  • Cash for accident cars
  • Free vans removal
  • Used car removals
  • Damaged car removal
  • Cash for junk removal
  • Cash for scrap removal

The Easiest way to sell your car in the whole of Sydney region,

  • Instant Cash Payment
  • Sell any kind of car in whatsoever condition
  • Free car removal from the premises
  • Assist in paperwork
  • Flexible car removal
  • Top Dollar up to $9,999


We are able to successfully offer satisfactory car removal services to every of our customers, for we have experienced team, competent and professional team. Our team consists of right professional indulgence with the smoothest operation. We offer,
  • Friendly executive customer service- to handle individuals’ questions and concerns at any point of time via phone or e-mail.
  • Professional auto appraisers- to ascertain fair value with presentable dollars up to $9,999 for every out stripped vehicle.
  • Professional removal team- to tow vehicle from the premises to our yards.


For every make or model, you will get paid. So, as a vehicle seller, don’t hesitate to contact us for the appropriate quote. If you are eager to work with the junk removal company that is willing to pay you the actual worth of the vehicle, then you should know the price Maitland Car Removal is willing to pay. Our strategies are pretty much simple, as we conduct an actual appraisal for every auto mobile to determine the value. While summing up the final price, we consider factors such as age, model & make year along with its current conditions.  

Free Junk Towing Services:

We just have a simple process in the following steps:
  • Get Free Quote: Fill up a form or call us to get a quote for your personal vehicle.
  • Consider the offer: Firstly determine, whether or not you agree with the offered quotation. No charges shall be levied for the consideration of offer.
  • Schedule the removal: If you accept the quote, fix the time and date of removal at your own convenient time.
  • Get hold of immediate payouts: On the very day of removal our inspection crew or any member will pay you on spot as per the decided payment and tow the car.
To reap the benefits offered by us, do contact us today!
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