How and where to Sell your Damaged Car in Sydney?

“Once any car has encountered an accident, the value of the vehicle drops down. No matter what so expensive repairs you have made, the price that the purchaser is willing to offer falls significantly. Instead of spending on costly maintenance, you still can get a good price for it.”
A common scenario- where you have totaled your car and now you have no way to get rid of it. To be more honest, a damaged or wrecked car is actually flocking in more money with a weightless experience.
Before plunging into a series of option, lets identify much popular scenario such as, your car has just run into an accident, and repairing it is sure to rip you off financially against the actual value of the vehicle.
There exists array of options to consider your only auto mobile as a damaged one. The reasons often fall into the following categories; engine/parts, body work or interior. A situation where a particular element is only broken instead of entire car. In this state, you can sell off your vehicle as a salvage (the car parts can be used as replacement). Fixing a damaged one, can also be time consuming, so why not sell it off as a salvage.
It obvious that every car buyer is in search of good deals. Deal here means low price, fine working used cars at great conditions. And the last thing every vehicle purchaser look out for in a damaged car is its suitable state to take it back to road again.
So, if you have a damaged car and you are willing to sell it off, then finding a private buyer is just an impossible task. Searching for every possible option? How can you find a perfect buyer to purchase your damaged car, that requires no fixing?

Understand the level of Vehicle Damage

When you are selling a MOT failure or a non-runner, for a first-time experience holder, it indeed can be confusing. So, a salvage category has made the task lot easier for the people to understand the variance between damaged or broken vehicles. Salvage here are classified under, A, B, C, D categories. #1. Category A- Scrap: A complete obsolete vehicles, which are not at all eligible to repair. None of its part can be reused or salvaged, and therefore the entire vehicle is scrapped. #2. Category B- Break: Not at all suitable for repair. But few parts of it can be re-used. #3. Category C- Structural: Chassis and structural frame are totally damaged. This rating is given to those, whose owners decide, not to get it repaired. But can be used for salvage. #4. Category D- Non- Structural: These are repairable auto-mobiles which the owners decide not to get it repaired.  


  1. Sell it as a used car: Your actual cost is lower than the actual price, better sell it in the form of auto parts. Also, if the process of repair is complicated, handle it to the buyer. Damaged car buyers know how to fix it at a cheaper price.
If you need to replace the engine, just forget it and get a new car from the amount you gain after re-selling it.
  1. Sell it to scrap yards: Just note, auto-wreckers shall pay the price as per the weight of the metal and not as per fair value of accessories. Intending to sell the auto parts attracts top cash while selling a low mileage car won’t flow in an extra cash.
  2. Sell to Car Dealer: Though not a right place to sell damaged vehicle, but a straight visualization can be made. Many dealers give out best rate and can also allow you to trade for a new one. If you have an intention to get rid of it, then quickly repair it.
  3. Sell to an auto-parts buyer: There are many auto-wreckers, who are interested to purchase auto-parts. You can either sell it wholly or sell it as parts.


You could easily sell off your damaged car for cash without encountering any kinds of problem. There are car dealers who will pay you satisfactory and pick your car for free of cost. Approaching Maitland car removal service holds much bigger and larger benefits, as there exist higher chances of selling your broken vehicle on a same day or sometimes even in an hour. While other car sellers are could take a long time period, maybe few weeks or months. Selling your damaged vehicle without any hurdle is just so not possible. In any typical car sale, car selling needs a complete fix up. Even if your car is half broken, they need to be replaced. Other additional expense involves, professional service, renewing rego & dents and cosmetic issues. Maitland Car Removal provides a complete no expense sales, this means you can easily get rid without making any repairs. Our service available in whole of Sydney region. Whether drivable or undrivable conditions, we come to pick up your vehicle at just Free of Cost. Yes! You heard it correct, towing service is of no cost. Our service un fold no hidden cost. What so ever tension you have regarding damaged vehicle inside Sydney, we are here to solve it. Just contact us! We buy back every model and make year vehicle, irrespective of its condition!
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