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Get the best price for your scrap vehicle!

No seller would like to get under-paid and no buyer would like to over-pay. We have a win-win situation out here. Incase of the car removal company Sydney, the buyers are always on a lookout to pay fairly. They are more concentrated on giving good services to their client, as they believe that, the business only comes through good reviews and referrals. Keeping the quality on check, Maitland Car Removal company practice the similar sentiments in their entire work procedure. We are keen in paying top dollar cash up to $9,999.

#1. Keep track on the current market price of the metal

If you want an instant cash, it’s best you firstly understand and gain the basic knowledge. By keeping track of the current rates, you will somewhat figure out the tentative amount that you can get by selling it. Wandering how can you manage it all, by yourself?

  • Use mobile applications: These days, everyone has access to smartphones and internet. So, for regular price update make sure to download the application. There are local based applications which reveals the current price information based on your locations. Another benefit is, that you can compare the other scrap advertisement for the best deal.
  • Monitor the stock market: Know the undergoing rate of metal in any given day. Look up the price of the metal you want to sell.
  • Connect with an Auto-wrecker: Contact the nearest junk car buyer to know about the on-going metal rates. They give you accurate assessment as they are in the same business.

#2. Waiting more can land you up with less amount

You are holding a scrap car, Remember! You are waiting for a golden goose opportunity to brag in heavy amount to your wallet. At one point you might have also given a though to repair a Junk piece. Just get the idea of stripping it into several parts to gain maximum value. Your car may be in bad shape but it might still operate, so let’s take this as an advantage and sell it off.

Whatsoever reason may be for storing that rusted piece, its important for you to understand that the longer you take, the less shall be its worth. When you keep your car in the premises instead of making it run, its sure to get damaged. The parts will slowly start to rust, before that rush to the nearest junkyard to get the most amount for your vehicle valuable parts.

When a car isn’t running regularly, rusts appear and spread faster. Anything made from rubber becomes brittle, rodents will chew the electronics, while corrosion shall degrade the valuable parts.

So, if you are planning to sell it off to the salvage yard do it right away.

#3. Use the Initial Cost value as your starting price

If your car is still running, and due to lack or no information you are planning to stash it away for free than you are ruining a good opportunity of gaining chunky amount. The book value of your car assumes the current value of your vehicle. Had it exceeded the maximum book value why would you send it to salvage yard.

As a role of thumb, you can always use this value. Take potential blue book value, remove the cost of repairs, to figure out the exact sellable shape.

#4. Salvage price are higher than the scrap price

Scrap metal pricing never takes the workable parts into account. If your vehicle has useable parts like alternator, onboard GPS system, new tires, and a starter motor than you will get a better price than scrapping.

But keep in mind that, salvage operation involves labor, risk and expense. However, when salvaging doesn’t expect to get the whole amount of the parts.

#4. Say ‘No’ to price with conditions

Set a value & never budge from it. You will get plenty of quotes from the dealers, which may be under-valued as per your price expectations. Before making any decision ask them the actual worth of the junk car. Some auto yards offer you conditional price based on the description. Without any discussion they come to inspect your vehicle, tuck your car in a truck and then when it comes to paying you out, you will be offered a much lower price than the agreed amount. And in such situation, the pressure is to sure to capitulate on your head.

#5. Make the car weight an ultimate option

When everything fails, curb weight in generating the ultimate estimate value for your vehicle. The majority of your vehicle is made up of steel. And its fairly easy to decide the scrap steel value at a local yard. Incase, you are offered a price that has a potential of salvage part or auction sale, you should further negotiate or look out for few more additional quotes.

When selling a junk vehicle do give a detailed description of your vehicle and its condition. Ask for a firm scrap price and stick to it.

Maitland Car Removal company removes and buys junk/ scrap car in Sydney, Australia. View more about our services in our website or contact us for immediate inquiry.


Why does the price of the scrap metal constantly change?

Several factors determine the value of the scrap metal, and the ultimately reason for the fluctuating rates can be numerous.

#1. Market price of the metal: How much quantity of scrap metals are heading for the stock exchange?

#2. Demand of the Industry: How is the demand for the metal in the current scenario? If so what type of metal is on high-demand. Technology, automotive and construction industries need scrap metal. When the demand is high the prices are sure to increase.

#3. Time period: Seasons can greatly affect the industries, during certain seasons demand for metal drops and in this situation the price is also sure to drop down.

How Often Can You Expect Such Change in Price?

The price of metal can change daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.

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