Get Rid Of Your Car

Do you have old, unwanted, used or damaged car, van, SUVs or 4wd and have no clue how to sell it or get rid of it? Look no further pick your phone and ring us, we are here to address every query. There always exists a question of weather to give it free of cost? Or to sell it for an extremely lower price? sell your car According to statistics, every year Australia alone sells 1 to 2 million of its used cars. When you are a possessor of old cars the owners are the one who must face lots of issues, you also reach a point where investing the high amount in repairs is no longer a feasible solution.  Why don’t you, consider the possibility of thrashing it as junk or scrap and earn bulky amounts.

When is the best time to get rid of your car?

As mentioned before, when the car is old and requires an immense amount of fixing it no longer makes sense. It’s high time to think about scrapping it. Further, when your vehicle has started to emit black carbon smoke then its time for you to throw it away. Selling your car can be tedious. As you might need to present safety certificate but if you want to scrap it off, you will get the benefit of high price and hassle-free process.

How much can you earn from getting rid of it?

The answer to the given question depends upon the model of our car, condition, and age. Usually, you can expect a fraction amount of money from them. The fundament relies on larger the car, greater will be the amount and vice-versa. If your car is totally damaged, there are auto wreckers who won’t pay you a dime (towing charge shall exceed the scrap value of metal). Understand, scrappers are difficult to negotiate for the price you desire, so pick a trusted one when getting rid of your vehicle. The owner can also initiate to sell their car in parts. The entire operation process will take longer. The process would also seek separate transactions, for each part. You can get away from this stress by charging a competitive price from the beginning. Better the condition of your car, higher will be paid to you.

Maitland Car Removal service refines every complicated situation. Our services are:

  • Quick with no hassles: Just forget about being tied in a lengthy process. We take away all your worries of dealing with auto wrecker or scrappers and offer you the best price for your vehicle.
  • Safe & Secure transactions: We have hired a team of professionals. While handing over your vehicles to them, you can trust them, so every business you do with us is safe and secure.
  • Instant offer: We understand the immediate requirements of finance. We understand the emergency, therefore, while our professionals come to inspect your vehicles, and the immediate offer is made to you. If you accept the offer, the instant payout is released. You don’t have to strain yourself, nor do you have to knock us every time for payments.
So far, we have become a number one choice in the whole of Sydney as a car removal service provider. Try doing business with us, we assure you with the best car removal experience. For immediate service call us at 0431 463 481 , to know more about our services e-mail us at