Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

What Vehicles do we accept?

We accept every kinds of vehicles from any make year including, cars, trucks, SUVs’ Vans, 4WD, Utes, Motorcycle and Commercial Vehicle. We take every brand including, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, Mazda, Holden, Hyundai, Kia, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi. Back to Index

Where does Maitland Car Removal Provide Its Service to?

Our service is available in the whole of Sydney region. Don’t hesitate if you are seeking for our service within any corner of Sydney. Pick your phone & call us, we will be there to further assist you and resolve your issue. Back to Index

What does Maitland Car Removal Service do?

We render Junk Car Removal, Cash for Used Car, Scrap Car Removal, Unwanted Car Removal, Damaged Car Removal, Old Car Removal, Cash for Scrap in New Castle, Get Rid of Car services. You can easily avail our service, just by contacting us. Our service is available for Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Vans, 4WD, Utes, Motorcycle and Commercial vehicle. Back to Index

How to get fast and reliable service for scrap car removal vehicle in Sydney?

Maitland has earned reputation for being Sydney’s most reliable scrap car removal service provider. Irrespective of what so ever condition, we are keen in offering immediate service for our clients recuse. We go above and beyond client expectations for we consider our clients to be primary. We understand the importance of trust worthiness and provide best cash offer, which is why we provide, best cash rates and lighting fast service. Back to Index

Which is the best car removal company in Sydney?

Generally, from a customer’s perspective, the best company will be the one offering high price for their broken, scrap, junk, accidental or unwanted vehicle. In this context, Maitland Car Removal can beat any of the car removal company, as we offer price up to $9,999. Another reason, why we think our self to be the best one is that we are one of the reliable buyers offering several perks such as free car removal service, instant cash payout service, same day sales with hassle free paper work service. So, within few hours you get paid top cash for any make year vehicle. Back to Index

What is scrap car removal?

Almost every car removing service provider offer this service. In this service, they tow your scrap car, just like any ordinary scrap material and pay you decent amount for it. The amount shall be decided by the professionals, who shall than come to inspect your vehicle. The companies offering such even offer other services like scrap car removal, accidental car removal and junk car removal. For the client benefit, they provide free towing service and offer you handsome cash. Any one holding unwanted car can even reap this benefit. Back to Index