Factors determining the value offered by every scrap yard for Scrap Vehicles

What was your first gift from your parents? A laptop, phone or bicycle? Do you remember the amount of joy you felt, do you remember the surge of happiness overwhelming your doubts (yaah, the moment when big NO from parents directly slaps your face)? Those emotional attachment with belongings, never let you give it away, no matter how torn and tattered, useless it is. But at one point you need to dispose of it. So is your vehicle. Regardless of vehicles types, your love for it just won’t fade away. We all know the amount of hardship you have fed in just to owe it. The entire trouble taken just to make it run for years needs to be finally left out. It dis-heartening but majority of cars on the road are destined for scrap heaps. After consequent years of patch ups and fixes, there do come a point when the cost of keeping the vehicle on road outweighs more than its current worth, so sending to scrap yard is the only viable options left in our hand. Even if you pick a reputable scrapyard, the process is like non-famous scrapyards. A straight forward process, where you get a chance to meet your car makers. Approaching steadily to give away junk vehicle, do remember every junk is worth something, even its not road-ready. Have you been thinking lately, the factors determining how much a scrap yard will give you for your unwanted car removal? Hmm, you don’t want to give your vehicle for free of cost. No right! You surely want to pull in some cash and invest in your new bee. Instead of beating around the bush, and testing your patience, we will straightly plug into the factors, determining the value of your old car removal. A lot of factors are taken into consideration when determining the fair assessment of car, let us highlight top factors before describing it:
  • The present status of your car. Scrapyard accepts every kind of vehicles weather working or not working, it will offer cash for scrap cars.
  • Salvage value of every vehicle parts. Salvage parts are often taken into considerations when any price quote is offered. Salvage parts can flow in some additional amount.
  • Age of car i.e. make year. Don’t wait anymore, for waiting will further rust your car parts. Which in fact is demerit as it declines your car value.
  • Weight factor too hinders the sale value.
That was just a generic factor determined by the scrap yard. If you look at the history, selling junk car would only fetch amount which would only support you for a weekend trip. Today, can we say the matter has worsened down, as we believe they would only give in amount which is not even enough to pay hotel bills. Shredders, shredding your pockets. Scrapyard didn’t start taking advantage from you. This kind of problem is faced by everyone, maybe the reason for this is the downfall in the price of metal. The cars which ultimately reach the scrapyard gets stripped, materials and fluid get crushed and then sold to local shredder. We really can’t get enough and there is lot to do, so price gets reduced radically.  

How worthy is your Scrap car?

An average car contains steel of 2400 pounds while an average truck holds 3000 pounds with an aluminum composite of 55 percent.  When a scrap yard purchases your vehicle, it is purchased based on metal by ton. And the price of metal varies according to the demand. The constant fluctuations are due to market price, time and industry demand. The change can be expected on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Despite fluctuations, how can you get the highest price for scrap car? How worthy is your car?  If you have received more than one quotes for your unwanted car, than you surely are getting the best suited price.  Selling off unwanted vehicle doesn’t happen to any average customers. Unlike new cars, there aren’t any published prices for scrap cars, so if you are wondering about the offered price, and wondering how much real worth your vehicles is, then look out for following:
  • Keep track of present scrap prices

If you are looking to sell off your scrap, have some basic knowledge of the scrap metal price before quickly jumping and selling it off.  Keep track of current rates, there are plenty of resources to keep track such as applications, stock market, creating spreadsheet or directly contacting the scraper.
  • Make use of Bluebook as your strongest point

Resale value will turn high if you have blue book with you as you can easily determine the make year. However, if you are seeking to junk it, don’t you think about getting high price.  Blue book just assumes the good condition of your vehicle. So, while quoting price, take the potential car value minus the cost of repairs to get the sale shape.
  • As a last resort, make sure to use weight

If everything fails, use your vehicle weight.  As most of your car is composite of steel, its easy to determine the price of the car. In case your car has the potential of salvaged parts or can even turn in for auction, then negotiate further.
  • Get more if your vehicle condition is drivable

A running car is always worthful.  Running car saves some portion of scrap yard i.e towing charge. They pay well as they can derive generic price from auction sale, as the vehicle can be refurbished and re-sold. So, try to generate maximum scrap from your junk.
  • Say no to price set with high conditions

Also Read: Eco-friendly car recycling in Sydney  Stick to your price quote. This is a smart way to make the wreckers approach you best suitable price. Before, laying every issue, straightly ask them the worth of your vehicle. If auto wreckers are unable to provide you with fair assessment, invite them to inspect your vehicle conditions. But don’t allow them to load the vehicle in their truck unless your price quote is agreed, otherwise they will tow the vehicle and offer you the lowest of all. And the entire pressure lies on you. Maitland Car Removal Service Provider aren’t like other auto wreckers. We highly take car of the investments made by our beloved clients to keep their asset running. We offer best suited price for every types of vehicle including SUVs, Car, Motorbikes and Trucks. For brief discussion do let us know your price quote, we make sure to offer you even better quote then you have requested us. Believe in us and our service, we assure you to stand up to mark. Do call us, Maitland or Newcastle Car Removal.
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