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Damaged Car Removal

All makes & models of damaged cars are accepted by us While driving you may hit, or you might get hit by another vehicle or natural calamities. You never know what’s store in for you the very minute. There are times when you can repair and use it, while there are cases where you need to get rid of it.  Getting rid for free is not possible and removing it for lower value is not so done. Maitland car removals consist of specialists who acquire certified license and training to remove every damaged car. Our goal is to create safe, courteous service for our employees and customers.  Even if your car is totaled or wrecked, we purchase it. What’s sitting in your front yard can really shame you, and when you drive on the road, your car gets a constant stare. You want to sell it but unfortunately, due to unreasonable offer you are staying quiet and facing all sort of humiliations. Sell your damaged car and buy a new one from received cash.

Why choose Maitland Car Removal for damaged car removal?

The major advantage of picking our service is that you can save your time while another damaged car removal service provider tends to waste it. We complete every purchase within 48 hours. We firmly stand by our reputation in offering great customer service. When you choose us, just assure yourself as within 48 hours you will be paid, and your damaged vehicles will be towed for free of cost. You no longer need to search for professional mechanics to repair your damaged car, nor do you have to import its damaged parts. Save yourself from making an additional expenditure, instead get yourself prepared in receiving more fund. Even if your title for the damaged car is missing, we can help you sell it. Even if you try selling your car to private owners, it’s expensive and time-consuming. You must wait for weeks before any one of them so interest on it. After that take appointment, wait for them the entire process is time-consuming and annoying. On top of that, they will haggle you more on price and exaggerate on your damage, talk about costly repairs and offer you a minimal price. As a professional damaged car buyer, we neither negotiate nor do any kinds of nonsense, we exactly pay you the quoted price we both agreed on with no hidden cost. It takes only three steps to remove your damaged car;
  • Inform us about a model, year and make with details on the interior, exterior and driving Don’t forget to mention mileage, title, and location as we need every mention information for fair assessment.
  • Instantly accept our offer for the immediate We will schedule an appointment according to your flexibility and get your vehicle picked. There are times when cars have been picked with 24 or 48 hours while it may even take 1 to 3 of business days.
  • When our specialists arrive, they will inspect the vehicle to match every given description. Once it done, instantly paycheck is given to you.

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Enhance your garage beauty with a brand-new car instead of an old damaged one. Get rid of the damaged version by calling us at 0431 463 481, our representative is always there to cater to your needs. You can also send in queries at we will respond to your mail quickly with best solutions.
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