Worried about your accident car removal? Easy ways to get rid of it

Car accidents can occur from nowhere. It might be due to your fault or due to somebody else fault. While you might be driving on your own lane keeping speed on check, but all of a sudden out of nowhere from a wrong side overtaking, your lovely vehicle gets smashed. Ooops! Now what to do? Your car just headed for accident. Few minor injuries but your car, is totally crashed. When you see your vehicle, your hope of getting it repaired and bringing back to road, just flattens down. You call, a towing truck, ask them to take it to repair center, though you have no slight hope of getting it back into the original form. With every courage you ask the mechanics the biggest impossible question ‘Are there any chances of getting it repaired?’ Obvious, the answer is in between N-O or YES! To make the matter worse, the cost estimated is higher than the cost of your original vehicle. Which is not so worthy as you can buy another one instead of repairing. The auto wreckers, give you numerous suggestions, but none of it is stable enough to enlighten your mood. The mechanics even offer you price which is extremely low by showing the demerits your car has been through.  

Generate Maximum Cash from the Accident Encountered Vehicles…

#1. Pick a car removal services that is near to or nearby your locality
Sound obvious but not every car removal companies may appear on the top search of Google, but there might actually be a good service-oriented car removal near you. So, find out services which are near to you.
#2. Choose service which offer high cash value for your vehicles
Having maximum car rate can contribute high payment. The most cash you can expect from Maitland Car Removal company is $9,999. Remember there are companies who offer to pretend high cash through advertisement, but in reality, situation is something else.
#3. Get multiple cash quotes before jumping to quick decision
It’s a good idea to get multiple cash quotes. Instead of accepting the first cash quote pull in few rates. This is because, loads of variance can be experienced in the quotes, and there are higher chances to get the maximum price.
#4. Select an established car removal company
It’s a matter of trust. And a established car removal company will never try to offend its client as they have a reputation to carry. To find out the genuine firstly, go through google ratings and reviews. And this won’t be hard. The next thing to look out is for professional website or Facebook page. If the company doesn’t have a professional website than, there comes a big question on its authenticity.
#5. No Hidden Cost, No Surprises
An established entity will be transparent about their entire process, and in between no situation of spending additional cent arrives. Another important thing is these companies have free service, especially FREE TOWING SERVICE. If the company ask you cash for the towing just drop them and look for other car removal companies.
#6. Search for the valuables in your car
You might not be gaining any money. But if you try and figure out the potential valuables you might actually find it. You might never know, few people whose motor has literally damaged might want to buy it in a high price. So, make a list of important parts that can be scrapped and sold. Yes, you might land up with a bonanza in hand. Don’t miss it, instead get up and look for it. You are sure to get the maximum price for your accident vehicles.  

How Maitland Car Removal helps to remove the accident vehicle?

We do get rid of the accident condition car easy and effortless.
  • We pay top cash up to $9,999.
  • We pay instant cash which has met accident.
  • We provide free towing service.
  • We provide service in Sydney & Maitland.
  • We take care of every required documentation.

We buy-back your vehicle even when nobody else is willing to take it back

Let’s make it a happy ending, by turning your accident vehicle to an instant cash. Even though your vehicle seems virtually damaged, it doesn’t mean its useless. Maitland Car Removal service pays up to $9,999 in cash. We don’t just buy cars, but also take back trucks, vans, SUVs, 4×4 and Utes. Whatever model or make- we will buy it We are the car removal specialists who takes back vehicle of any brand in top dollar.  

What do we do with your Accident vehicles?

Plenty of times people wonder what advantage do the car removal company get while purchasing an accident vehicle. What exactly do they do? Maitland Car Removal company has various reason to deal with;
  • We buy back, get it repaired and resale them.
  • We buy to pull out other workable parts from the vehicles.
  • We buy accident encountered vehicles to recycle its metals.
We are eco-friendly car buyers; therefore, we buy vehicles to provide maximum cash to our customers. All the accident encountered car can’t be repaired but they have good auto engines which can be put for re-sale.  

How does our accident Vehicle buying & removal process work?

Our removal process is extremely simple;
  • Contact our appraiser and brief in the complete detail of the vehicle to get a fair cash quote. Cash quotes provided by us have no obligation for acceptance.
  • Accept the offer or reject it, that’s up to you.
  • Schedule a free car collection. That is the towing service is FREE from our end, as per your convenient time. We provide all the paperwork, and cash payment at the time of removal.

Get a FREE valuation for accident encountered vehicle

With Maitland Car Removal, accident car owners can approach for instant valuation over online or phone. For an online quote, fill the online quote form available in our website or call us @ 0413 653 281!
scrap car speedometer

Get the best price for your scrap vehicle!

No seller would like to get under-paid and no buyer would like to over-pay. We have a win-win situation out here. Incase of the car removal company Sydney, the buyers are always on a lookout to pay fairly. They are more concentrated on giving good services to their client, as they believe that, the business only comes through good reviews and referrals. Keeping the quality on check, Maitland Car Removal company practice the similar sentiments in their entire work procedure. We are keen in paying top dollar cash up to $9,999.

#1. Keep track on the current market price of the metal

If you want an instant cash, it’s best you firstly understand and gain the basic knowledge. By keeping track of the current rates, you will somewhat figure out the tentative amount that you can get by selling it. Wandering how can you manage it all, by yourself?

  • Use mobile applications: These days, everyone has access to smartphones and internet. So, for regular price update make sure to download the application. There are local based applications which reveals the current price information based on your locations. Another benefit is, that you can compare the other scrap advertisement for the best deal.
  • Monitor the stock market: Know the undergoing rate of metal in any given day. Look up the price of the metal you want to sell.
  • Connect with an Auto-wrecker: Contact the nearest junk car buyer to know about the on-going metal rates. They give you accurate assessment as they are in the same business.

#2. Waiting more can land you up with less amount

You are holding a scrap car, Remember! You are waiting for a golden goose opportunity to brag in heavy amount to your wallet. At one point you might have also given a though to repair a Junk piece. Just get the idea of stripping it into several parts to gain maximum value. Your car may be in bad shape but it might still operate, so let’s take this as an advantage and sell it off.

Whatsoever reason may be for storing that rusted piece, its important for you to understand that the longer you take, the less shall be its worth. When you keep your car in the premises instead of making it run, its sure to get damaged. The parts will slowly start to rust, before that rush to the nearest junkyard to get the most amount for your vehicle valuable parts.

When a car isn’t running regularly, rusts appear and spread faster. Anything made from rubber becomes brittle, rodents will chew the electronics, while corrosion shall degrade the valuable parts.

So, if you are planning to sell it off to the salvage yard do it right away.

#3. Use the Initial Cost value as your starting price

If your car is still running, and due to lack or no information you are planning to stash it away for free than you are ruining a good opportunity of gaining chunky amount. The book value of your car assumes the current value of your vehicle. Had it exceeded the maximum book value why would you send it to salvage yard.

As a role of thumb, you can always use this value. Take potential blue book value, remove the cost of repairs, to figure out the exact sellable shape.

#4. Salvage price are higher than the scrap price

Scrap metal pricing never takes the workable parts into account. If your vehicle has useable parts like alternator, onboard GPS system, new tires, and a starter motor than you will get a better price than scrapping.

But keep in mind that, salvage operation involves labor, risk and expense. However, when salvaging doesn’t expect to get the whole amount of the parts.

#4. Say ‘No’ to price with conditions

Set a value & never budge from it. You will get plenty of quotes from the dealers, which may be under-valued as per your price expectations. Before making any decision ask them the actual worth of the junk car. Some auto yards offer you conditional price based on the description. Without any discussion they come to inspect your vehicle, tuck your car in a truck and then when it comes to paying you out, you will be offered a much lower price than the agreed amount. And in such situation, the pressure is to sure to capitulate on your head.

#5. Make the car weight an ultimate option

When everything fails, curb weight in generating the ultimate estimate value for your vehicle. The majority of your vehicle is made up of steel. And its fairly easy to decide the scrap steel value at a local yard. Incase, you are offered a price that has a potential of salvage part or auction sale, you should further negotiate or look out for few more additional quotes.

When selling a junk vehicle do give a detailed description of your vehicle and its condition. Ask for a firm scrap price and stick to it.

Maitland Car Removal company removes and buys junk/ scrap car in Sydney, Australia. View more about our services in our website or contact us for immediate inquiry.


Why does the price of the scrap metal constantly change?

Several factors determine the value of the scrap metal, and the ultimately reason for the fluctuating rates can be numerous.

#1. Market price of the metal: How much quantity of scrap metals are heading for the stock exchange?

#2. Demand of the Industry: How is the demand for the metal in the current scenario? If so what type of metal is on high-demand. Technology, automotive and construction industries need scrap metal. When the demand is high the prices are sure to increase.

#3. Time period: Seasons can greatly affect the industries, during certain seasons demand for metal drops and in this situation the price is also sure to drop down.

How Often Can You Expect Such Change in Price?

The price of metal can change daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annually.


How to sell an Expired Registration Vehicle in Sydney?

Did you plan to get rid of your vehicle since long time? Did you trap yourself in trouble as its registration has expired? Selling a vehicle holding expired registration or no registration is equivalent and is a tough task in Sydney, NSW. Its hard to make someone believe that you owe a vehicle whose license has expired. A buyer may not believe it! They may suspect you for selling a stolen car. A likely, possibility, they may not want to take the remaining legal trouble. In reality, you might be busy with other priorities, and post-phoned the license renewal program. A real problem of selling your de-registered car. Seriously, who wants to invest more on the de-registered vehicle.  Why do you want to do it? We see no point in stacking the lumpsum amount onto it, while you can stash your de- registered car, to a car removal company like us. When you get good cash for it, why do you even want to donate it. Earn a hard cash by selling to Maitland Car Removal company. We shall gladly take your vehicle, without grilling you. We have exceptional ideas to get rid of your unregistered car for cash in Sydney.  Don’t believe us, just give us a call, and get a free quote. You will surely find out the truth. Get paid top dollars, for unregistered cars in Sydney. When do you call your registration cancelled? Within three months, if your car is not registered, it gets automatically cancelled & after that is must be sold under the tag ‘Unregistered’.  

How to sell your unregistered car? Any ways to deal it?

  • Slash or mark down its price
Attracting a buyer for a no rego car is tuff. You need to use loads of tactics. By reducing the price, you can attract potential buyers. But we believe it’s an obligation of the seller to furnish every information to the buyer before making a final deal. If you reduce the price, the buyers shall take care of the remaining responsibilities such as renewing or getting the registration fulfilled.
  • Check with the local car removal company around you
If your vehicle is shabby, old and un-used since many years, then getting rid of it to car removal inside Sydney would be a better and reliable options. They pay you high than the deserving amount. An auto wrecker can mislead you, but a car removal company offers you with fair assessment.  A car removal company shall use every working parts of your vehicle and scrap the remaining ones. So, you can even say you are being kind of socially responsible person.  

Why a car removal company for de-registered vehicle?

Car owners consider car removal to be their final option after failing to figure out a private buyer. What they are not aware of it is, its advantages over an individual buyer. You don’t have to advertise it, neither do you have to meet strangers who shall judge you, nor must you repair your vehicle before selling it. We take your car as it is! No need to repair it, no need to register it, no need to dent & paint it. Just bring it to us, we shall take it. But do remember a clear title is a must!  

Choose a right car removal company for your vehicle

Australia has plenty of car removal companies who are willing to take your car. And you the one who should be making decision. Your decision shall greatly impact on the money offerings. Firstly, before contacting the company, list every workable parts of your vehicle. And send them your estimates even before they come for an inspection.  

Get top cash of $9,999 for Unregistered Vehicle

Our cash can go high up to $9,999.  We are sure you don’t want to take the pain of getting your vehicle registered. Don’t get into whole trouble. We’ll buy your car within a day and pay you fully on spot.  

We purchase Expired Registration Vehicles

Our service commences for the time you give us a call. Our vehicle inspection expert shall evaluate your cars worth. Don’t worry about the condition. This procedure shall only take place after you agree with the quotes. For this you don’t have to come to our office location. We can sort this out in a single call or through emails. You hold the liberty to accept or reject the offer made by us. If you give us a green go, we shall proceed with the succession steps of removal.  

De-registered Unwanted Car Removal in Sydney

As long as we know, the vehicle is on sale, we shall happily buy. Why not get paid Now! And get rid of your vehicle.  We shall remove your vehicle without disturbing your schedule. You shall be asked for your timing and then we shall come for the remaining process i.e. inspection & paying you the amount. With this service, we give you a bonanza offer of ‘Free Towing Service’.  

What types of expired or de-registered vehicle do car removal company buy-back?

Everything! We buy back private & commercial vehicles of any brands including Kia, Toyota, Nissan, Hyundai, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, Kia, Holden, Mazda and many more. Our service is open for cars, trucks, vans, SUV, Utes, Motorcycle, 4WD and so on. Even if you have vehicle other than car, we shall happily take it away from you. You don’t have to go anywhere. We are fully equipped and we don’t charge a single penny for the towing service. So, can we probably say, that we are saving your dollar in this part too. When we say “Free” its actually means “Free”. Our benefits enlist, free paperwork, free valuation & free pick up service.  All you need to do is just pick up your phone & call us. Our executives will further assist you and you have a free solution for your unregistered or expired registration vehicle. Selling your car, holding an expired registration in Sydney?  As long as you possess a clear title, Maitland Car Removal Company is there to sell it off for ‘Free’ of cost! To reap our service just contact us!
junk car towing

Looking for Junk car towing in Sydney? We can help!

Finding a company for junk car towing in Sydney is a tough task. Firstly, you need to find out the right buyer who is willing to purchase your vehicle is whatsoever conditions. And secondly, finding the “one” who agrees to pay you the given quote. We believe this to be an extreme hectic task. A biggest preparation to sell off your vehicle. A difficult part but an important process. Cars for some are the second home and its no surprise. If you owe a car, that you have stopped using and is simply occupying your front yard or your driveway, you can simply get a junk car towing company in Sydney to remove it. You may actually get surprised at payouts offered by them. To be more precise, these company pay you for your vehicle parts for second hand sales. And the valuation for every part is carried out by the auto-professionals, so there exists no situation of under-payments. Your junk car doesn’t have to be a complete loss. So, even if the frames are pretty much badly damaged, or the engine is totally busted? You still can cash out the junk vehicle, as the auto wreckers still believe that there are few values left in every remaining scrap metal. The far suited method of getting maximum cash for your cash is to be savvy with the car sale.  

Prime factors to put cash for junk car services are at top are:

  • Removing junk prevents your from paying unnecessary insurance charges, gas fees and break down maintenance. In such situation, the advantages of selling and buying junk car are apparent.
  • Ugly/broken/old vehicles seek for regular maintenance. A long bill is definitely there. If you just compare the costs of obtaining a new car and the amount you are spending every day on fixing your old one, you will figure out the saving portion.
  • Selling your vehicle to a towing company will flow in cash to buy a new one.
  • Irrespective of the car condition and location, car removal offers a reasonable price for the junk car removal. They voluntarily take away the old one, pay you as per their assessment and help you to take away the transport to their destination. The entire process is carried out without any hassle and bustle.
  • Junk car removal service provider are always on schedule, trust-worthy and efficient. You don’t have to constantly nag them, nor do you have to follow them. Instead they are the ones, who shall respond to your call and perform the entire service on time.
  • Location for them doesn’t matter. They understand your valuable time, that is why they call you up, and assign their customer representatives to make and receive your phone call.

How should we pick Junk Car Removal service?

Internet is charged with car removal companies, where a simple search for “car removal” will offer you list of business who are there to serve you with services such as scrap car, damaged car, junk car removal services. But not all of these shared companies are committed in providing excellent quality services to exceed or stand on the expectations of the seller. Maitland Car Removal company stands out for the rest of the customer focused service and at a same time offers high price for the scrap, old cars and junk in surroundings and New Castle area. We understand the priorities set by our customers, so too level up with it we have been providing free towing services along with greater customer services. We are a reliable car removal company serving the whole of Sydney & New Castle territory. We have years of experience in offering wide range of removal services, making the owners easier to get rid of the cars, which they had never thought to sell. Our services include;
  • Cars for cash services
  • Cash for used cars
  • Cash for accident cars
  • Free vans removal
  • Used car removals
  • Damaged car removal
  • Cash for junk removal
  • Cash for scrap removal

The Easiest way to sell your car in the whole of Sydney region,

  • Instant Cash Payment
  • Sell any kind of car in whatsoever condition
  • Free car removal from the premises
  • Assist in paperwork
  • Flexible car removal
  • Top Dollar up to $9,999


We are able to successfully offer satisfactory car removal services to every of our customers, for we have experienced team, competent and professional team. Our team consists of right professional indulgence with the smoothest operation. We offer,
  • Friendly executive customer service- to handle individuals’ questions and concerns at any point of time via phone or e-mail.
  • Professional auto appraisers- to ascertain fair value with presentable dollars up to $9,999 for every out stripped vehicle.
  • Professional removal team- to tow vehicle from the premises to our yards.


For every make or model, you will get paid. So, as a vehicle seller, don’t hesitate to contact us for the appropriate quote. If you are eager to work with the junk removal company that is willing to pay you the actual worth of the vehicle, then you should know the price Maitland Car Removal is willing to pay. Our strategies are pretty much simple, as we conduct an actual appraisal for every auto mobile to determine the value. While summing up the final price, we consider factors such as age, model & make year along with its current conditions.  

Free Junk Towing Services:

We just have a simple process in the following steps:
  • Get Free Quote: Fill up a form or call us to get a quote for your personal vehicle.
  • Consider the offer: Firstly determine, whether or not you agree with the offered quotation. No charges shall be levied for the consideration of offer.
  • Schedule the removal: If you accept the quote, fix the time and date of removal at your own convenient time.
  • Get hold of immediate payouts: On the very day of removal our inspection crew or any member will pay you on spot as per the decided payment and tow the car.
To reap the benefits offered by us, do contact us today!
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Planning to sell your car in Sydney? Tips to sell your car for top cash dollars!

Selling your car is never an aspiring and effortless process. When doing it privately, you won’t be coming across any serious buyer, nor will you be successful in generating an expected income. When approaching an unknown dealer, you might not at all be able to negotiate on the decided price. On the other hand, many online sellers are springing up and encouraging them to get rid of their vehicles from the comfort of your home and grab a decent offer. When vending online, the first act involved in it is, requirement of quick valuation and secondly is to take your car to their collection point. Internet has a lot to offer on car sales. From quick sales, instant cash, no-expense sales to Free car removal strategy. Everything is offered as an attractive package. Online selling is a newest trend taking leap on Sydney’s market. What’s more attractive is their top dollar cash offer, hassle-free service and on point service system for every damaged, accident, unused, old vehicles. The service distributed is for every vehicle including trucks, motorbikes and caravan of every make year and model. It’s not necessary for your vehicle to be in a tip-top shape, or in a working condition, the car removal service provider in Sydney will tow your vehicle for highest payout.  So, self -evaluation is necessary. Identify your actual vehicle worth versus the cost of car to keep it running. If it out weighs the value, its high time to bid it “Good Bye”.  

Quick tips to sell you car for top cash dollar

#1. Get it fixed first
If you are planning to gain more money for cars, just make sure to runs and drives (this is only applicable if your vehicle is not broken or damaged, or is into accident). Individual buyers are more likely to pay fair price for car. Fixing junk car is not simple, as it requires thousands of dollars in transmission, engine, catalyst converter repairing. Unless it’s a high-end car, fixing is not at all worthful.
#2. Choose company which are a valid license holder
You always want to get more value for your vehicle, and this is only possible, if the car removal company holds a valid license, and is insured. You definitely want assurance and promised price with no scamming involved. Besides, pricing the service should also be inclusive of free towing and title exchange.
#3. Understand the fact that cars are even purchased for parts
Don’t get depressed if your auto mobile is totally damaged. There are auto-wreckers who buy back it for its workable parts. Such offers, shall surprise you with better prices. That’s why its important to find out a good dealer having right kind of experience as a car purchaser to pay you fairly.
#4. Sell as a “Junk Car”, if it’s totally dead
For a totally broken one, selling it as junk would be a much for feasible option rather than individual selling. For extremely damaged, unsalvageable, dead part getting it rid as a scrap is the best option. When you sell it as a scrap, you will be paid as per the price of the metal. The total worth of your vehicle is determined by the weight of metal.  For this, your location will be asked, and then they shall tow it for free. Just note that, the price of steel & metal may vary throughout the year.
#5. Make the required documents available
Once decided to sell your car, there are certain regulations which demands to keep the paperwork on mark and up to date. Documents required;
  • The vehicle titles.
  • Registration and insurance card.
Depending on the rules and regulation of your state, there will be certain requirements which needs to be taken care of. #6. Get ready with paper work for quick sell You may find it tempting to sell your car quickly. But one must make sure to vacate it. Remove personal items from the decker or tail board. Get the license plates as well, as you might need to return it. You also need to cancel your insurance and registration of the vehicle that you are selling.  

Best Places that buy junk cars near me for high cash

Finding place paying you back high price is a difficult task. Inside Sydney there are few places who buy back unwanted cars. There are few car removal companies who have made digital presence to ease customers looking for their service. Maitland Car Removal, for example, takes your junk and even pay you cash. Other areas that purchase vehicle scrap are local junk yards and recyclers, who will pay you a fraction of your car’s worth even its near to perfect.  

Sell your vehicle with Car Removal in an easy process

  1. Contact a car removal company
Find a company inside Sydney area. Once you choose, get in touch with them.  Invest your time in research and get quotes from several car companies & just compare them. Also, inquire, any associated charges, which is required in the process.
  1. Fix a meeting
If you are satisfied with the price offered by them, schedule a meeting. Inform them about your location and meeting time. The staff, associated with the company shall pay a small visit to inspect your vehicles before finalizing and closing the offer. If everything matches with the provided details, they shall draw a transfer document.
  1. Conclude the deal & get paid
After everything is set and documents have been signed, you will be paid rightly on spot. Car removal companies will tow and take your vehicle from the premises, at a zero cost. Searching for a good car remover dealer in Sydney region? Contact Maitland car removal service. Get your damaged, accident, old, unwanted vehicle removed instantly. Gather highest price and Free towing service, give us a quick call on 0413 653 281!