How much do you know about selling your used car in Sydney?

Don’t take the Old-Fashioned way to sell your used vehicle.

Few years back your old truck was your best buddy! On your twenties you made tremendous memory with your car, from late college hours to romantic long drive. You do have thousands of memories attested to it. Or you might have already bought a new one recently and you are paving way by selling the older one that is lying inside your garage. Despite making continuous effort to search a decent buyer, luck is going either way. Well, if you are in Sydney, then you are luck because we shall not only help you in getting rid of your piece but will also pay you for your used car. Get paid for it. If you have finally intended to sell it, check the default activity in the website, such as estimating, strategy, time required, towing and so on. However, some online exertion, will probably check the vehicle esteem and apply techniques to complete the task. They make suitable money offer, depending on the vehicles, make & model year, circumstances, and year of production. Don’t take the old traditional way to sell your car. Its not only boring, its busted, old and not a best way to make the most money. There are better options to sell the vehicle, in the most easy, convenient, fast, safer manner. Do you even know, that there are ways to sell it without having to leave your couch? Gone are the days of inconvenience. A single call, with few description and price quote, you get your job done.

Before selling the vehicle, we suggest every owner to do their homework.

An important reality, not every auto salvage and junk yards give equal payments and importance. To sell the possible price, the first thing you need to do is, ensure that you are dealing with a right buyer. We understand, the existence of incredible tempting. After all every step taken is to make money land in pocket faster. However, if you land in a false route, you will guaranteed get a low offer. Instead work with the yards, near you, so that no matter what kind of car you are sell, you don’t have to constantly nag them for the payments. You will also be needing a due diligence to ensure you don’t become a victim to scam when selling it.

Know the impacts on offer

There are quite few small and affordable steps one can take. To increase the value of your vehicle, few minor investments can work. For an instance, cleaning the interior of your vehicle, remove the thrash out of your vehicle, remove stains and spills, drain the fluids in your vehicle before taking the vehicle to the auto-yards.

Make sure to clean brakes, wipers, anti-freezer, transmission fluid, and gas.

One more thing, not all lower offer made by the scrap-yard is a scam. But you must question them for their offer and ask for the reasons. The biggest impact on the price quote is the current value of scrap metals such as copper, metal, steel and aluminum. Get an awesome resource to calculate the actual value of the metal resource. These are the things you need to look for before sending in the valuation.

Non- runner vehicle

If you have made a final decision, then we appreciate it. That’s good news, and more is on the way. Maitland car removal company in sydney offers you a good quote, which is quite difficult to get these days. There are several removal companies who either want to take your scrap for a much lower price, than it deserves. They are sure to bound you in circles, claiming that your vehicle is a piece of junk and even point out with loads of issue, until you end up selling it for a price, that is not every nearer to your acceptance.

Pay & Pull near me

At the end of the day, who gets the benefit. Those who decide to take it for a scrap is sure to reap maximum benefit. But, not with us! We promise to pay you a fat cheque, that is sure to get cleared within a minute. We as a car removal service provider sing a different tune, we never exploit our clients, just because you are in hurry to get rid of the vehicle. Instead, we carefully evaluate the vehicle, make fair assessment and pay accordingly to get it removed.

Business that takes back used car

We are in instant business deal. That is the reason why we consider ourselves as the best business car dealer. We take your car on the day you want and land you with heaps of cash. You can now sleep in peace, as no neighbors shall complain about the scrap car occupying the parking space. You shall also be given the opportunity to purchase a new model vehicle.

Get money for used car in Sydney

Grab the highest payment up to $9,999 for used vehicles. When taken car removal service from Maitland Car Removal, we will tow your vehicle for Free. There are many car removals who will charge you to get it towed to the scrap yard. We take your vehicle weather dead or alive. If you don’t want to go through all the troubles, of selling the car, then Maitland Car Removal is here for your assistance. With best customer service, the experts will resolve the issue through constant advise, even if your car is damaged, flooded or has faced accident. We make the process easier, for selling the car in most reliable and fast. We have 96 % of customer retention rate! We constantly follow up our customers, to make the feel comfortable. We have a free quote form and hence we get back to you quickly. Get a free price quote instantly. For more service regarding vehicle removal, contact us.
sell junk car in sydney

Sell a junk car for cash in Sydney!

When a vehicle stops giving you desired service, the only thing you can do is let it go. But you don’t have to! just sell a junk car for cash in Sydney! Every week maintenance, repairing is just not so okay! You are just wasting your time, money and energy on it. So, as the owner, you should make your mindset clear that when it no longer operates or when no dealer is ready to accept it, there exist duration when you keep thinking creative ways to get rid of it. Junk vehicle or not, your automobile do have a value. It really does not matter even if you are driving the rattiest, most tattered SUV from the 90’s or a latest model Cadillac who recently encountered a major collision. Even if you can’t dethrone it through normal classified medium, you still can cash it through normal classifieds, you can cash in money by selling to junk dealers. Researchers have made it clear that most of the individuals are not aware about the selling criteria of their old vehicle. And at the end, they just donate it. Don’t do it. Take some time and approach the nearest junk car removal inside Sydney.   How to get cash for junk cars? If you are unknown about what you are doing right now, you may realise that it takes lot of time to meet and convince junkyard dealers, clear the sale and then arrange for junk removal. However, its not necessary for the junk removal process to be this tough and inconvenient. Before that, figure out everything about your vehicle. Find out its manufactured date, model number and make year. Get hold of accurate valuation of your car by providing accurate based information such as age, mileage and damage types. Upon providing such information, you shall immediately get cash offers. If you are satisfied with the offer than you can move on to another level. With Maitland Car Removal service every offer is finale. No haggling and hassling, all you need to do is sit back, relax, accept offer and just let the truck tow it. As a part of client service, we offer free towing service where we will come to your location and pick the car. You no longer need to bother on transporting the vehicle. Our representatives will release payout on spot.   How much is My Junk Car Worth? How do you determine the price of a junk car? You are not doing any charity jobs to leave any money on the table, so how do the junk valuation determine the fair price? Since there are no true vehicle junk calculator a little bit of homework needs to be done.  Don’t worry, it will only take couple of minutes to help you pull in more cash.
  • Determine the fair market value: Before stashing to junk category pretend that your car isn’t junk and is still in fair condition. Use auto guidelines to evaluate car value. Use the ‘rough’ or ‘fair trade’ value method to start calculation.
  • Identify the damaged & non-damaged area: Your vehicle is not even in rough or fair condition. Its junk! Naturally it means it doesn’t hold an extreme high value. Determine the damaged portion of your car. If your vehicle is burned or shelled, pull down 90 per cent of that value. However, if it has light damage and such can’t be certified or it is in good shape but can’t run, pull down 30-50 per cent of its value.
  Connect with a Junk Car Dealer near me! From the very moment we accept your offer, we will get your car towed. The entire process is completed within 24- 48 hours. We won’t at all try to haggle down the offer once the deal is accepted. By now you might have understood the best way to sell your vehicle. Its not at all tedious. Go ahead and get the price quote from us today! How it works!
  • Enter your vehicle details: Just by filling out our form, with precise and accurate information at, we give you an instant cash offer or contact you immediately with fair assessment.
  • Accept your quote: Happy with the offered price? Immediately provide us the vehicle ownership proof, and we will make an appointment to get your vehicle towed.
  • Get paid: Neither any hassle nor any mess. We will happily handover the cheque with the agreed amount to you during the car pick.
  We buy cars in every condition! If you decide to get it repaired, it’s quite possible that you will only know the actual cost of repair till you start repairing it. Spending on maintenance in no budget could be costly. The only easy solution is to junk the vehicle. Ripping the car parts for sale is lot easier than selling it individually. It’s so time intensive and you need to gain sound mechanical knowledge to sell the parts wholly. Once you sell off the main components such as engine and transmission, the interior of the car becomes useless. The interior is sure to sit there uselessly for longer amount of time. It’s better to sell it of entirely instead of making it sit on the yard. Maitland Car Removal, has been offering junk car removal for cash service in the whole of Sydney and New Castle region. The prices offered by us are comparatively higher than the average market price. While the rest of car dealers turn down the old model vehicle, we happily accept it without any kind of hesitation. To reach for our services, you can either contact us or send us a mail at . Within 24 hours our representatives will address your queries and assist you. Our help desk service is for free of cost, so don’t hesitate to ring us if you have any price related or service-related questions. We are here to serve you! So, allow us to prominently perform our task, while you can concentrate on the other core activities. Consult us, before taking any decisions!

Eco-friendly car recycling in Sydney – Get big bucks after selling your car?

A fast car seller is what an individual seeks for? The hunt for quick sale sometimes leading to online buying and selling of websites. But do you think selling your car in a website will generate a safe option? We will give you plenty of reasons why you should strongly avoid selling your old vehicle online.

Why selling your vehicle online is a bad idea?

  • Sharing your contact detail is not a viable option
If you put your vehicle for sale in any website, its obvious that you need to give out your personal details such as e-mail address and phone number. Unfortunately, instead of getting a buyer for your vehicle you will end up receiving spam mails and phone calls from less desirable people. So, this can be a bad idea. Till the time when an actual buyer approach, you will be highly frustrated.
  • Plenty of Safety concerns involved
New stories pop-up from everywhere. There are stories of people meeting with new potential buyers, and then get attacked with a gun and get themselves robbed. Safety is the biggest concern for sellers. Criminal are everywhere. They are tracing every website to get hold of individuals detail. So, better watch out, never invite buyers to your space for vehicle inspections. Arrange meeting with online buyers in public areas during day time and make sure you don’t share any personal details with them. Also, don’t go alone. Take a friend or activate your GPS in cell phone and inform your nearest one to keep track of it.
  • Extreme time wastage
It surely takes lot of time to find out true buyers. When you list your vehicle in any public website, you are sure to get loads of queries, unless your auto mobile is of a high-demand and priced low. You are sure to have phone calls, meetings with potential buyers amongst which half of them is not at all serious about the entire sale process. If trying to sell your product online, mentally prepare yourself to invest huge time and effort.  

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Take care of every legalities of sale

The title and genuine bill are the must. Before selling check every state law with expected amount. As you are dealing personally, paper work should be completed to ensure legalized sale. Make sure everything is done so that no room for complaints exist with unexpected complications. Selling your car online needs extreme considerations.  Safety is a primary issue, while spam is another one, next to it is legality and time.  One should take all necessary precautions. After going through every possible insanity, we have laid down one big question to every car seller, why to sell individual, when you can quickly and instantly sell your old one to various car removal service providers in Australia? Do you think you need to take every necessary precaution? Well, no! Registered car removal service providers offer secured and legal service, so their exist no trouble of being cheated or robbed. So, if you have come to a point where you think your car is just worthless or of no use, then we do have good news! Your car can be turned to instant top cash for scrap cars. Maitland Car Removal service provider is in this business past fifteen years, and we buy every type, kind, model business vehicle in whatsoever conditions. We buy back your auto mobile for cash, whether in damaged, old, scrap or junk conditions. But the amount of cash you will receive depend on the inspection of car by our professional.   Also read: Factors determining the value offered by every scrap yard  

Get paid for every car up to $9,999

Owing a worn-out car can be an embarrassment for every car owner.  After all no one wants to have a tattered car parked in their garage or driveway? But getting rid of it, can be somewhat hassling. If its completely broken than you need to personally arrange towing service and get it removed from your property. Why are you willing to spend another dollar for it, when you clearly know its not worth for any additional penny. This is where junk removal companies come in. They offer car owners quick and easy way to sell their cars and receive fair amount for their piece. Advantages of selling your car to scrap removers instead of ONLINE!
  1. You can sell your vehicles as it is. Scrap dealers don’t expect any kind of repair and maintenance or prep for the unwanted cars.
  2. You can take advantage of their several free service such as Free Car Towing service, free paper work and free quotes.
  3. You no longer have to wait for buyers to receive instant cash. Instead, you can enjoy fast cash when you sell your vehicles to an experienced buyer.
  4. Get paid instantly. This is one of the biggest perks of car removal companies. They offer same day removal and payment.
  5. You surely have a buyer. Let us be honest with you, when you post your vehicle for online sale, there aren’t any honest interested buyers. You will only come across goofy buyers who just come to waste your time. But since Maitland is in the car recycling and buying business, they offer an avenue up to $9999.
Quickly sell your car in three steps;  

Handing over your car to Maitland Car Removal service, is quick and easy;

# Step 1: Call them to get a quote for your unwanted car. #Step 2: Negotiate the offer and schedule for free car collection ( its not mandatory for you to select the given offer, if you don’t like it you can reject the offer as well.) #Step 3: Receive payment, relax and sit back, as they will come and tow your vehicle for free of cost. For car owners who are desperate to get rid of their automobile swiftly with ease, can contact Maitland Car Removal. We release great deals for the sellers which are hardly refused. To get a cash quote, contact us through phone or e-mail us. We will reach you immediately and make you free from every junk vehicle.

Are scrap yards underpaying you? Know how & in what terms they pay for your scrap vehicles!

Let’s face it. Their comes a time when your car is just impossible to drive. Every early morning you wake up, just to start your car. And it has become a ritual. After tremendous amount of hard work every day, you finally made an effort to discover that you are spending more time praying for your engine to start instead of brainstorming ideas for any productive areas. If you are stuck in the situation like this than, what you may do is, get hold of good scrap buyers. Beside getting rid of your old tank, you may derive few cash. If your car is still in workable condition, you can further maximize its value and then deal with scrapyards. You may actually earn more from scrap trading instead of getting rid of it.  

What can we do to ensure best price for scrap car?

Irrespective of fluctuations and downturn in scrap metal market, the scrap yards make sure to provide best possible price to their customers. Auto-recyclers, will pay you more money for every unwanted vehicle. The payment shall be based on “Grade 1”. Metals falling under this head are not at all associated with alloys. And they should have no signs of corrosion and must be of minimize diameter and size to be accepted. While “Grade 2” scrap metals are made with alloys. These materials must be clear from contamination to get the price you are searching for.

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How will auto-yards measure the value of your car?

Prices paid to vehicles owner are as per ton. They pay on the current value, so don’t be amazed if they offer you high price a week earlier and less price today. The price of metal fluctuates every day. So, what you can do is keep an eye on the trends, so when you see the right time, you can go a cash in the unwanted auto. Fees paid for the scrap are either paid in cash or cheque. High amount of payment seeks for bank transactions, so if the amount is bulky go through banking channel while smaller version can be taken in cash.  

Benefits of recycling scrap metal

Vehicle scrapping is an environmentally friendly concept. It’s a process where the automobile parts are totally removed from the shell, tested and cleaned. As a part of dismantling process, all the toxicants fuels, brake fluids are removed and then parts which are usable in nature are kept for re-sale purpose. Also Read: Factors determining the value offered by every scrap yard

Things to do before scrapping it

  • Remove your personal belongings: People usually undertake this task for last minute. Which make them forget several important things inside their vehicle. Don’t be that last-minute intruder, do a thorough search and make sure everything you want is taken out from it before disposing it to scrap vendors.
  • Use up all the fuel: This thought only triggers a day ahead, when you are taking your vehicle to auto-wreckers. So, use up all the petrol before stashing it. Also make sure to remove license plate. As there are chances of misusing license plate in notorious act. It does make sense right!
  • Find out the valuable parts: Before hurriedly dashing to smash your car, figure out the important components. Conduct a brief research on your vehicle model type, and search for parts which attracts maximum value. This is a no hurt situation, for it can make you a pro while dealing with the dealers.
  • Safely store the title: While selling the vehicle to scrap, they ask for legal possession. Make sure every legal document is there with you beforehand. This prevents you from making back & forth when making final sale.
Vehicle recycling and scrapping is a difficult task, one can’t himself perform the entire activity alone. Beneath are the options and solutions, where the seller can independently make more money by selling their car.
  • Scrapping the entire car: A difficult task. When you are in a perfect mood to make a few bucks by scrapping the rotten car, laying in your backyard, individual attack is impossible. You need to align with local scrap yard to entirely recycle it.
Several benefits are intact with them. One, they give free towing service. Secondly, depending on the areas, they help you in obtaining clean title.
  • Distinguish the car & catalytic converter: Catalytic converters are valuable parts of a motor vehicle. You can make a good chunk by selling it separately. If you are planning to sell the entire car, just detach the catalytic converter and sell it individually. A profit-making agreement for you.
These converters are built with precious metal inside, and can be easily processed & smelted. Before handing over the vehicle, make a call to your nearest local wrecker and ask them for the price details with catalytic and without it. If the value is good, bang on, grab it.
  • Classify the metal parts and classes: Separate the metals and scrap the remaining one. This may take time, but its worth it. Self-recycling solution will make you understand the appearance of every built material before landing in scrap.
Cars have wide material inside. They have copper wire, aluminum engine blocks, rims, lead wheel weight, steel doors and many more. A great potentiality exists, in recycling the aforesaid material separately.
  • Separate steel and parts: Several salvage yards are looking out for extra steels and parts. If you can successfully preserve the additional portion like engines, side mirrors, doors, headlights, block and other parts, you can make additional dollars out of it. This can be only done if you are familiar in making and breaking of auto-parts. Individual selling requires lots of patience, but if you sell in local auto yards you can make cash instantly.
By now you might have possibly learnt about several techniques you can use in making cash from the scrap yards.  We say, car is a clutter of metal, but a metal holding high value. When a vehicle gets too old, it can be again melted and turned to a useful one, if any parts are oxidized, it can be used with any old one. So, we say no automobile is too old to generate few dollars. If you are in search of unwanted car removal company in Sydney, do remember us. Why wait, when you can make quick cash. Just pick a phone and give us a quick call, we are there to help you immediately. Don’t make excuses, as it can give out the chance of making good wholesome chunk of cash.

Factors determining the value offered by every scrap yard for Scrap Vehicles

What was your first gift from your parents? A laptop, phone or bicycle? Do you remember the amount of joy you felt, do you remember the surge of happiness overwhelming your doubts (yaah, the moment when big NO from parents directly slaps your face)? Those emotional attachment with belongings, never let you give it away, no matter how torn and tattered, useless it is. But at one point you need to dispose of it. So is your vehicle. Regardless of vehicles types, your love for it just won’t fade away. We all know the amount of hardship you have fed in just to owe it. The entire trouble taken just to make it run for years needs to be finally left out. It dis-heartening but majority of cars on the road are destined for scrap heaps. After consequent years of patch ups and fixes, there do come a point when the cost of keeping the vehicle on road outweighs more than its current worth, so sending to scrap yard is the only viable options left in our hand. Even if you pick a reputable scrapyard, the process is like non-famous scrapyards. A straight forward process, where you get a chance to meet your car makers. Approaching steadily to give away junk vehicle, do remember every junk is worth something, even its not road-ready. Have you been thinking lately, the factors determining how much a scrap yard will give you for your unwanted car removal? Hmm, you don’t want to give your vehicle for free of cost. No right! You surely want to pull in some cash and invest in your new bee. Instead of beating around the bush, and testing your patience, we will straightly plug into the factors, determining the value of your old car removal. A lot of factors are taken into consideration when determining the fair assessment of car, let us highlight top factors before describing it:
  • The present status of your car. Scrapyard accepts every kind of vehicles weather working or not working, it will offer cash for scrap cars.
  • Salvage value of every vehicle parts. Salvage parts are often taken into considerations when any price quote is offered. Salvage parts can flow in some additional amount.
  • Age of car i.e. make year. Don’t wait anymore, for waiting will further rust your car parts. Which in fact is demerit as it declines your car value.
  • Weight factor too hinders the sale value.
That was just a generic factor determined by the scrap yard. If you look at the history, selling junk car would only fetch amount which would only support you for a weekend trip. Today, can we say the matter has worsened down, as we believe they would only give in amount which is not even enough to pay hotel bills. Shredders, shredding your pockets. Scrapyard didn’t start taking advantage from you. This kind of problem is faced by everyone, maybe the reason for this is the downfall in the price of metal. The cars which ultimately reach the scrapyard gets stripped, materials and fluid get crushed and then sold to local shredder. We really can’t get enough and there is lot to do, so price gets reduced radically.  

How worthy is your Scrap car?

An average car contains steel of 2400 pounds while an average truck holds 3000 pounds with an aluminum composite of 55 percent.  When a scrap yard purchases your vehicle, it is purchased based on metal by ton. And the price of metal varies according to the demand. The constant fluctuations are due to market price, time and industry demand. The change can be expected on daily, weekly and monthly basis. Despite fluctuations, how can you get the highest price for scrap car? How worthy is your car?  If you have received more than one quotes for your unwanted car, than you surely are getting the best suited price.  Selling off unwanted vehicle doesn’t happen to any average customers. Unlike new cars, there aren’t any published prices for scrap cars, so if you are wondering about the offered price, and wondering how much real worth your vehicles is, then look out for following:
  • Keep track of present scrap prices

If you are looking to sell off your scrap, have some basic knowledge of the scrap metal price before quickly jumping and selling it off.  Keep track of current rates, there are plenty of resources to keep track such as applications, stock market, creating spreadsheet or directly contacting the scraper.
  • Make use of Bluebook as your strongest point

Resale value will turn high if you have blue book with you as you can easily determine the make year. However, if you are seeking to junk it, don’t you think about getting high price.  Blue book just assumes the good condition of your vehicle. So, while quoting price, take the potential car value minus the cost of repairs to get the sale shape.
  • As a last resort, make sure to use weight

If everything fails, use your vehicle weight.  As most of your car is composite of steel, its easy to determine the price of the car. In case your car has the potential of salvaged parts or can even turn in for auction, then negotiate further.
  • Get more if your vehicle condition is drivable

A running car is always worthful.  Running car saves some portion of scrap yard i.e towing charge. They pay well as they can derive generic price from auction sale, as the vehicle can be refurbished and re-sold. So, try to generate maximum scrap from your junk.
  • Say no to price set with high conditions

Also Read: Eco-friendly car recycling in Sydney  Stick to your price quote. This is a smart way to make the wreckers approach you best suitable price. Before, laying every issue, straightly ask them the worth of your vehicle. If auto wreckers are unable to provide you with fair assessment, invite them to inspect your vehicle conditions. But don’t allow them to load the vehicle in their truck unless your price quote is agreed, otherwise they will tow the vehicle and offer you the lowest of all. And the entire pressure lies on you. Maitland Car Removal Service Provider aren’t like other auto wreckers. We highly take car of the investments made by our beloved clients to keep their asset running. We offer best suited price for every types of vehicle including SUVs, Car, Motorbikes and Trucks. For brief discussion do let us know your price quote, we make sure to offer you even better quote then you have requested us. Believe in us and our service, we assure you to stand up to mark. Do call us, Maitland or Newcastle Car Removal.