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Disposing of an automobile for free of cost can be really disheartening. While buying one you stash in cash now when its no longer serving you, you don’t have will to give it away to the auto wrecker. Do you? Do you have an old car, just collecting dirt doing nothing? Get instant Cash for scrap cars or any other vehicles you feel useless. As a local car buyer, Maitland Car Removal is willing to purchase your used cars for cash. You don’t have to worry even if your automobile is not working or is road-worthy or registered or in great conditions. we just offer Good Cash for Scrap Cars. We give you a maximum price quote of $9,999, a great opportunity to buy in brand new cars. We take your used cars and sell them to auto wreckers and dismantle them. We salvage and re-sell parts, to recycle plants to create new material or product. We are nations premier direct car buying company. We pay immediate cash for any used car from any city inside Australia, no matter where your car is, we will surely get there to pick it up providing you the immediate cash with minimum paperwork.

For how much cash can you sell your used cars?

There are likable chances that your car is more than the average price. We pay cash for your used cars and strip every valuable part from it before crushing it for scrap or before reconditioning it. This process surely allows us to offer more cash than you expect to depend on the state of your car:
  • The unused car which is beyond repair:

If your car is a total piece of junk with no good parts to repair then you can surely consider it to be total junk. These kinds of cars are just impossible to repair and even if you get a mechanic to repair it, we are sure it would cost you the price of a new car. Further, these vehicles are priced based on their size and cash shall be paid by an average auto wrecker between $30 to $200, which we are sure a much cheaper price then you’d have expected. But we, pay you a chunk of cash for cars with no titles.
  • Cash for car with some valuable parts:

Cars in these categories are either in fair or bad condition. It may have an absolute poorest part or have some valuable parts. We possess the ability to pay you significantly more cash for such vehicle because we surely know that the parts inside the scrap metal do hold high resale value.
  • No junk at all:

There are cars which is not in use for years and which have totally worn out. Depending on the condition of your vehicle you can expect cash not exceeding $9,999. When you finally decide to lay off your used cars, you are making an environmentally conscious decision.

How to cash in your used cars?

  1. Enter your car details: Get an instant cash estimate through our representatives. Know how much your car worth it.
  2. Free Inspection: One of our pro mechanics will be there to inspect your car to make a final confirmation on the quote.
  3. Get the highest offer: We make an offer that you can’t deny. We offer you at least $1000 higher than any average dealer would provide.
  4. Cash your used car: We will come to pick your car and get you paid on the same day.

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This is a not to miss offering, given by Maitland Car Service provider in the whole of Australia. We confidently believe in providing high value to our client’s unused car, so that our clients don’t get depressed while releasing their car to us. We know how difficult it was for our clients to get their first vehicles and we also know about the emotional attachment they have on it, so keeping it on consideration, we offer maximum value. Call us now 0431 463 481 or contact us for queries.
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