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Most of us are waiting for that period where we seek to own our only automobile. That day where we get to drive our own vehicle, such a pleasant occasion. Years may pass and few may wish to upgrade their vehicle. For the said purpose internet is working absolutely on peak and offering every means of information regarding various brands and designs that could easily glide in their budget. Another form of motivation to change your old one. Just by scrolling online store checking out brand and price is not sufficient, before buying one, you need to let go the unused, old car laying in your yard. So, what best thing you can do. Just let it go! Instead of getting fixed every day and tucking it to garage every week ends, sell it to scrap car removal companies. Car repairs are not cheap. Even if you spend every dollar to get it fixed, it could be exceeding its actual worth price. If your vehicle value is below $2,000, repair is just not justifiable. For an instance, you spend $300 and there is no guarantee that another repair is just lurking around it. And you might know how much the other maintenance can cost you. The best suited choice for you is to just get rid of it before it financially exploits you and gives you more headache. Instead of surfing for cheap vehicle repairs, or break downs look for companies that are willing to buy back your Scrap piece for a high price. And how do you get one?
  • Scrap car removal in Sydney
Scrap car removal near me? First thing every junk car owner will search on Google. Leave your old one for a while, as it can distribute unhealthy materials that could eventually harm your carport. Instead, its smarter to turn your scrap to few top dollar cash. Removal company will touch the base and make appraisal of it at your given arrangement. When you fix, they will get it safely towed. The entire process is extremely straightforward and quick as you no longer need to worry about driving and selling procedure. With a local removal service render, you buying and selling process is performed quickly. Don’t indulge yourself in any bothersome act. Approach them and get the entire process of scrap removal immediately covered.
  • Get High Cash for Junk Cars
Get yourself paid more cash for junk cars.  While surfing internet, the web engine offers you a huge number of vehicle removal advantages inside Sydney. You can either directly approach them and quote a decent price for it. Within few hours you are sure to get approval or rejection for your quote. This is definitely a great encouragement. We all know the adverse de-merits of mingling with private dealers. Though they might pay you more but have you thought about the extra added pressure and energy you need to waste to find out a right one, who will handover cheque immediately? Individual buyers can drain you. You might need to frequently show up at different timings at their described places. No matter in what so situation you are in. Even after those miles long meeting, their still exist less chance of actually selling of your vehicle. For few dollars in hand, always pick your local car removal company. You don’t have worry about being under paid nor will you have to constantly call them up for payments. Prim and prom services are what they offer to their clients, so for a better customer experience they shall make you every kind of offers which are sure to lure you.
  • Local buyers for your Junk vehicle
Wondering how much value can you get for your car, with minimum amount of to do works in it? Sell it to local junk buyers, as it is really a time saver. As it will be too easier for you to just drive few miles to nearby car removal companies and swap it for instant money. Instead of trekking around the country in finding a good dealer, just communicate with the nears one. Figure out lock buyers who are willing to offer more relevant service with no hidden cost attached to it. Dealing with local ones also minimize the risk of scammers, fraud, and prevents constant meetings with strangers. A serious reduction of stress process. Instead of wasting time and energy add few extra dollars, with reliable buyers.   Why Maitland Car Removal service for junk car disposal? Our commitments while removing junk car includes;
  • Free towing & guaranteed pricing.
  • Great customer satisfaction with quality service.
  • Schedules and appointments as per your desire.
  • Instant cash payout, which is more than average market value.
We buy every kinds of vehicles, useless car collection, unwanted car disposal, free scrap removal, non-running, damaged, old, shabby or worn out, accidental vehicle.  Our service lists are just endless.   Undrivable scrap- will car removal take it? Yes! Maitland car removal sees value in every aspect weather written of or undrivable. Some of the important things considered while valuating the price of the car;
  • The car’s condition
  • Vehicles make year and model
  • Automobile size
  • Age of your car
  • Precious metal
  • Vehicle’s weight
  • Interior parts
  • Spare Parts
  • Odometer Readings
On a single call, your vehicle can avail our facility. Once there is a mutual understanding in the price quote, we will make sure to have it out of your way quickly. We strive to collect car on the same day, and NO fees are collected in the form of charges. Our mission is to make the entire junking process easier. We take every piece of hassle by taking the responsibility of removing your junk- we do your paper work, and collect the old one at your convenient time. We even assure you with environment responsibilities. We have adapted more greener approach, which is why we have victoriously grabbed a good market reputation. Besides, providing scrap car removal in Sydney and New Castle, we ensure best price offering for your useless car. Contact us today, to get rid of your free car removal in Sydney or inside New Castle area!

Get your Unwanted & Damaged Vehicle sold Instantly in Sydney!

A long drive awaits you. Your plans are fixed and scheduled. But! When you look at your car, you get a nausea experience. You don’t know when your car will break down and give you trouble. We believe its high time to break up with your attachment and get a new one. We know how attached you are with your old buddy; we even understand the traumatic situation you might have undergone to get it. But, as a mature person, decisions are to be made wisely. Vehicles when used get rusted, broken, damaged and even land in accidents, so its normal. Even if you take it for regular servicing, the maximum year it will serve you is twenty years, it’s a high period. After that you must let it go! Like we said, you have a short duration to do something of your vehicle. Like most of car owners, you are searching removal companies who can grip key priorities including quick sale, decent price and hassle-free process. For few all three instances can be their only and biggest goal. Beside relying on car removal’s, you might have even tried the phase of self-advertisement. Nothing worked so far and instead of getting rid of it you are putting in few more cash to get it running. Another down in drain effort from your end. Why not get it sold and invest the amount on a newer one. Here are the few tips on how you can get rid of your unwanted vehicles for a maximum return and instant time-period.
  1. Act super speedy- Don’t get your vehicle listed on social media page

Vehicles when left unused deteriorates rapidly. Once its left untouched for more than a month or years it will quickly lose its value. So as a car owner you need to act fast. Sell it off, as soon as possible before the situation gets converted to a nightmare and inhale some cash.
  1. Don’t invest a dime while getting rid of it

It makes no sense if you are going to inject few more amount to the ones you are about to bid farewell to. For those which don’t at all run, dispose it without generating any illegitimate expense. Get hold of reliable car buyers who will take it back in whatsoever condition or situation your vehicle is in. They are sure to tow it even its undriveable that too at free of cost. Don’t waste your money on unnecessary stuffs like towing, when you can get that for free. We believe saving is also a way of earning.
  1. Picking a right kind of a buyer

Perhaps the most important tip above all.  To whom will you sell your car determines the level of efficiency, quickness, stress-free and pleasant experience.  For an instance, what if your buyer backs out in last minute or doesn’t agree during the vehicle inspection or is still negotiating on the price factor or makes delay in payment. Gosh! You will be landing yourself in a mighty trouble. You need to constantly follow them up and in turn you will land yourself into a close sale. A total time, money, effort and wastage. What you need is a reliable, guaranteed and experienced buyer who takes the selling process smoothly without any sort of delay or challenge.
  1. Make sure the business is legitimate

An unlicensed or illegitimate person or business can be a scam or under pay you. And its damn difficult to identify the real deal. A genuine business should be transparent from every nook, must provide certifications and license upon any request. A good business holds positive reviews in google search. An immediate red flag, when you search the business in google and the address is not listed.
  1. Sell it ONLINE!

Is selling your vehicle online safe? First concerns striking every individuals mind when heading for online sell. Partially its safe, but you need to identify the realness of the site.  In order to avoid scam, there are few things one should always look out for to ensure smooth transaction between you and your online purchaser. To start, there are handful of sites which are public. These allow you to identify positive and negative impact of the company. Examine the;
  • The better business bureau
  • Face book page
  • Client testimonials
  • Web page
  • Google Review
How can you sell Damaged vehicle in Sydney? With us, you don’t look for a cash buyer, instead we provide every required service in guaranteed form.
  • Quick price quotes for any make or model vehicle over a phone, mail or via online form.
  • Quick cash payments, you no longer have to wait for cash collection. We payout while towing your vehicle.
  • An absolute Free Towing service in Sydney. No inconveniences involved, as we come to your door step to get it picked.
  • Free paperwork. Paperwork which puts your mind on ease.
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How fast is our car removal service? If you want to get it removed today, we have no grudges in getting it done today itself. We are that same day unwanted car removal company located in Sydney who takes a further step along with free car collections service. We make an offer, if you like it, inform about the removing time period. We will be there! Its that easy. You can just get that unwanted piece off from your premises and we pay you for every unwanted car, SUV’s, truck, bus or bike. To obtain a cash offer for your vehicle, call us at the given number or fill up the form to get online quote. For every unwanted car removal service in the whole of Sydney, contact us. We buy back every unwanted, old, damaged, accident faced vehicles of any make year. Do not hesitate for every service-related query.
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Get paid for scrap car in Sydney; Figure out the right time to get rid of scrap cars?

For decades, human beings have been known for escalating an easier option and picking the toughest one. Why? Reasons provided stated that believing in something which seemed to be “extremely good to be true”, is the initial stage of fraud. Further, when we look at the car sales or buying market, we often become a victim of blunders i.e. getting paid too less. What for? Because we are too linnet in taking a leap for market research. Had you taken initiation; you wouldn’t have at all sold your only hard earned auto-mobile for the price of a lantern. So, are you in the stage of selling your old car? Are you baffled whether you should fix it or sell it? Horrifying scenario, the dents and damage of your car looks extremely bad and you have no idea what you should be doing with your car? Having a scrap car in this era is not a rare occurrence. Due to fast pace technology advancement, older cars have been considered as junk, unwanted and scrap. However, getting rid of such car is not an easy task. Instead of taking unnecessary burden, people prefer to sell it to auto wreckers, while the rest wont even take the initiation to sell it, they simply donate it. Unexpected right! You are straightly giving stuffs which can flow in top dollars, for a getting rid of your scrap car. How much cash can you generate depends on factors such as its drivability, weight and salvage parts.  

#Factor 1: Is your car worthy of driving?

Your automobile situation definitely affects the pricing factors. A car which is more of drivable condition is considered to be more worthy than the broken one. So, when you are making a price quote request don’t skip to mention the workable situation to the scrap car removal company.  

#Factor 2: What is the weight of your vehicle?

If we are straightly talking about scrap cars, which is beyond the repair and is not at all roadworthy, the only source to generate a lumpsum value is through scrap metal. And the car removal companies do buy every wrecked, broken, recycling cars. In this case fair assessment is determined on the basis of weight and accordingly you will get paid. One thing you must keep in mind, that value of metals fluctuates on a regular basis.  

#Factor 3: Any working parts?

This scenario exists when your vehicles is totally broken down but has a few parts which are in good condition. Such parts can be taken out and re-sold. From this you can expect a decent amount in the form of scrap metals along with working car parts.  

Right time to get rid of scrap cars

Foremost you need to carefully consider few factors to get rid of old worn out car. Below is the mentioned situation where you need to finally figure out that you must bid farewell to it;  

Constant and repeated repairs

Do you spend more time on repairs than on roads? Despite continuous repair, your car might not be functioning as per the repair and maintenance bill. In this situation, the best available option is to get it directly invest on new car instead of taking it to workshop everyday every hour. This saves time & money.  

Damaged Auto-mobile

Your car got into a terrible accident and the cost of fixing it up is too high. Do you think such fixing is worth, if its under performing? Well, don’t do it. Not all car removal company seek for best conditioned car, they accept any kind of car which are damaged highly. You can directly contact them and get it towed away and use the generated income to buy another one.  

Absence of license & registration paper

While shifting you misplace your vehicle paper works. You might be confused on how to move ahead and sell it. However, there is good news for everyone of you who are undergoing through this situation. Most of the car removal companies accept such car and offer your top dollars cash instantly.  

Under-trade value

You finally realize that your car is ageing slowly and in future will generate extremely low value. You are also aware that, no individual will be interested to take a risk and purchase it. In this situation, instead of focusing on what you don’t have, aim on what you have. Look around for car removal companies as they offer you with most profitable options.  


As your vehicle has some missing part, you know that it will be difficult to re-sell it. Instead of being a moveable instrument, it has become a stationery object. You can hardly pick up any positive aspects to get a decent price for it. If you are facing any unwanted issues mentioned above, it’s a desperate time to throw it away to auto-wreckers hand than to keep it at your garage. Instead of personally finding buyers why not go to car removal service providers, as they offer;
  • – Good price for your car.
  • – Gain flexibility of selling car of any type.
  • – Environmentally friendly option to get it scrapped.
  • – One can always avail for service when needed.
In fact, hiring a professional car remover is a convenient and profitable option. You can reap good chunk of money especially from Car Removal companies inside Sydney areas to actually invest on a new one. Above all you don’t need to put in an extra cash and effort since they offer Free Car Towing service for every of their services. Get in touch with Sydney best car removal service provider Maitland Car Removal. Just flow in your information, with exact description of your vehicle to get fair price quote. Without any kind of hesitation, we offer you instant pay out to ease your tensions. Avail our service in a hassle free and quick manner. An amazing opportunity for every scrap car holder! Contact us today!

How and where to Sell your Damaged Car in Sydney?

“Once any car has encountered an accident, the value of the vehicle drops down. No matter what so expensive repairs you have made, the price that the purchaser is willing to offer falls significantly. Instead of spending on costly maintenance, you still can get a good price for it.”
A common scenario- where you have totaled your car and now you have no way to get rid of it. To be more honest, a damaged or wrecked car is actually flocking in more money with a weightless experience.
Before plunging into a series of option, lets identify much popular scenario such as, your car has just run into an accident, and repairing it is sure to rip you off financially against the actual value of the vehicle.
There exists array of options to consider your only auto mobile as a damaged one. The reasons often fall into the following categories; engine/parts, body work or interior. A situation where a particular element is only broken instead of entire car. In this state, you can sell off your vehicle as a salvage (the car parts can be used as replacement). Fixing a damaged one, can also be time consuming, so why not sell it off as a salvage.
It obvious that every car buyer is in search of good deals. Deal here means low price, fine working used cars at great conditions. And the last thing every vehicle purchaser look out for in a damaged car is its suitable state to take it back to road again.
So, if you have a damaged car and you are willing to sell it off, then finding a private buyer is just an impossible task. Searching for every possible option? How can you find a perfect buyer to purchase your damaged car, that requires no fixing?

Understand the level of Vehicle Damage

When you are selling a MOT failure or a non-runner, for a first-time experience holder, it indeed can be confusing. So, a salvage category has made the task lot easier for the people to understand the variance between damaged or broken vehicles. Salvage here are classified under, A, B, C, D categories. #1. Category A- Scrap: A complete obsolete vehicles, which are not at all eligible to repair. None of its part can be reused or salvaged, and therefore the entire vehicle is scrapped. #2. Category B- Break: Not at all suitable for repair. But few parts of it can be re-used. #3. Category C- Structural: Chassis and structural frame are totally damaged. This rating is given to those, whose owners decide, not to get it repaired. But can be used for salvage. #4. Category D- Non- Structural: These are repairable auto-mobiles which the owners decide not to get it repaired.  


  1. Sell it as a used car: Your actual cost is lower than the actual price, better sell it in the form of auto parts. Also, if the process of repair is complicated, handle it to the buyer. Damaged car buyers know how to fix it at a cheaper price.
If you need to replace the engine, just forget it and get a new car from the amount you gain after re-selling it.
  1. Sell it to scrap yards: Just note, auto-wreckers shall pay the price as per the weight of the metal and not as per fair value of accessories. Intending to sell the auto parts attracts top cash while selling a low mileage car won’t flow in an extra cash.
  2. Sell to Car Dealer: Though not a right place to sell damaged vehicle, but a straight visualization can be made. Many dealers give out best rate and can also allow you to trade for a new one. If you have an intention to get rid of it, then quickly repair it.
  3. Sell to an auto-parts buyer: There are many auto-wreckers, who are interested to purchase auto-parts. You can either sell it wholly or sell it as parts.


You could easily sell off your damaged car for cash without encountering any kinds of problem. There are car dealers who will pay you satisfactory and pick your car for free of cost. Approaching Maitland car removal service holds much bigger and larger benefits, as there exist higher chances of selling your broken vehicle on a same day or sometimes even in an hour. While other car sellers are could take a long time period, maybe few weeks or months. Selling your damaged vehicle without any hurdle is just so not possible. In any typical car sale, car selling needs a complete fix up. Even if your car is half broken, they need to be replaced. Other additional expense involves, professional service, renewing rego & dents and cosmetic issues. Maitland Car Removal provides a complete no expense sales, this means you can easily get rid without making any repairs. Our service available in whole of Sydney region. Whether drivable or undrivable conditions, we come to pick up your vehicle at just Free of Cost. Yes! You heard it correct, towing service is of no cost. Our service un fold no hidden cost. What so ever tension you have regarding damaged vehicle inside Sydney, we are here to solve it. Just contact us! We buy back every model and make year vehicle, irrespective of its condition!
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Planning to sell your car in Sydney? Tips to sell your car for top cash dollars!

Selling your car is never an aspiring and effortless process. When doing it privately, you won’t be coming across any serious buyer, nor will you be successful in generating an expected income. When approaching an unknown dealer, you might not at all be able to negotiate on the decided price. On the other hand, many online sellers are springing up and encouraging them to get rid of their vehicles from the comfort of your home and grab a decent offer. When vending online, the first act involved in it is, requirement of quick valuation and secondly is to take your car to their collection point. Internet has a lot to offer on car sales. From quick sales, instant cash, no-expense sales to Free car removal strategy. Everything is offered as an attractive package. Online selling is a newest trend taking leap on Sydney’s market. What’s more attractive is their top dollar cash offer, hassle-free service and on point service system for every damaged, accident, unused, old vehicles. The service distributed is for every vehicle including trucks, motorbikes and caravan of every make year and model. It’s not necessary for your vehicle to be in a tip-top shape, or in a working condition, the car removal service provider in Sydney will tow your vehicle for highest payout.  So, self -evaluation is necessary. Identify your actual vehicle worth versus the cost of car to keep it running. If it out weighs the value, its high time to bid it “Good Bye”.  

Quick tips to sell you car for top cash dollar

#1. Get it fixed first
If you are planning to gain more money for cars, just make sure to runs and drives (this is only applicable if your vehicle is not broken or damaged, or is into accident). Individual buyers are more likely to pay fair price for car. Fixing junk car is not simple, as it requires thousands of dollars in transmission, engine, catalyst converter repairing. Unless it’s a high-end car, fixing is not at all worthful.
#2. Choose company which are a valid license holder
You always want to get more value for your vehicle, and this is only possible, if the car removal company holds a valid license, and is insured. You definitely want assurance and promised price with no scamming involved. Besides, pricing the service should also be inclusive of free towing and title exchange.
#3. Understand the fact that cars are even purchased for parts
Don’t get depressed if your auto mobile is totally damaged. There are auto-wreckers who buy back it for its workable parts. Such offers, shall surprise you with better prices. That’s why its important to find out a good dealer having right kind of experience as a car purchaser to pay you fairly.
#4. Sell as a “Junk Car”, if it’s totally dead
For a totally broken one, selling it as junk would be a much for feasible option rather than individual selling. For extremely damaged, unsalvageable, dead part getting it rid as a scrap is the best option. When you sell it as a scrap, you will be paid as per the price of the metal. The total worth of your vehicle is determined by the weight of metal.  For this, your location will be asked, and then they shall tow it for free. Just note that, the price of steel & metal may vary throughout the year.
#5. Make the required documents available
Once decided to sell your car, there are certain regulations which demands to keep the paperwork on mark and up to date. Documents required;
  • The vehicle titles.
  • Registration and insurance card.
Depending on the rules and regulation of your state, there will be certain requirements which needs to be taken care of. #6. Get ready with paper work for quick sell You may find it tempting to sell your car quickly. But one must make sure to vacate it. Remove personal items from the decker or tail board. Get the license plates as well, as you might need to return it. You also need to cancel your insurance and registration of the vehicle that you are selling.  

Best Places that buy junk cars near me for high cash

Finding place paying you back high price is a difficult task. Inside Sydney there are few places who buy back unwanted cars. There are few car removal companies who have made digital presence to ease customers looking for their service. Maitland Car Removal, for example, takes your junk and even pay you cash. Other areas that purchase vehicle scrap are local junk yards and recyclers, who will pay you a fraction of your car’s worth even its near to perfect.  

Sell your vehicle with Car Removal in an easy process

  1. Contact a car removal company
Find a company inside Sydney area. Once you choose, get in touch with them.  Invest your time in research and get quotes from several car companies & just compare them. Also, inquire, any associated charges, which is required in the process.
  1. Fix a meeting
If you are satisfied with the price offered by them, schedule a meeting. Inform them about your location and meeting time. The staff, associated with the company shall pay a small visit to inspect your vehicles before finalizing and closing the offer. If everything matches with the provided details, they shall draw a transfer document.
  1. Conclude the deal & get paid
After everything is set and documents have been signed, you will be paid rightly on spot. Car removal companies will tow and take your vehicle from the premises, at a zero cost. Searching for a good car remover dealer in Sydney region? Contact Maitland car removal service. Get your damaged, accident, old, unwanted vehicle removed instantly. Gather highest price and Free towing service, give us a quick call on 0413 653 281!

Eco-friendly car recycling in Sydney – Get big bucks after selling your car?

A fast car seller is what an individual seeks for? The hunt for quick sale sometimes leading to online buying and selling of websites. But do you think selling your car in a website will generate a safe option? We will give you plenty of reasons why you should strongly avoid selling your old vehicle online.

Why selling your vehicle online is a bad idea?

  • Sharing your contact detail is not a viable option
If you put your vehicle for sale in any website, its obvious that you need to give out your personal details such as e-mail address and phone number. Unfortunately, instead of getting a buyer for your vehicle you will end up receiving spam mails and phone calls from less desirable people. So, this can be a bad idea. Till the time when an actual buyer approach, you will be highly frustrated.
  • Plenty of Safety concerns involved
New stories pop-up from everywhere. There are stories of people meeting with new potential buyers, and then get attacked with a gun and get themselves robbed. Safety is the biggest concern for sellers. Criminal are everywhere. They are tracing every website to get hold of individuals detail. So, better watch out, never invite buyers to your space for vehicle inspections. Arrange meeting with online buyers in public areas during day time and make sure you don’t share any personal details with them. Also, don’t go alone. Take a friend or activate your GPS in cell phone and inform your nearest one to keep track of it.
  • Extreme time wastage
It surely takes lot of time to find out true buyers. When you list your vehicle in any public website, you are sure to get loads of queries, unless your auto mobile is of a high-demand and priced low. You are sure to have phone calls, meetings with potential buyers amongst which half of them is not at all serious about the entire sale process. If trying to sell your product online, mentally prepare yourself to invest huge time and effort.  

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Take care of every legalities of sale

The title and genuine bill are the must. Before selling check every state law with expected amount. As you are dealing personally, paper work should be completed to ensure legalized sale. Make sure everything is done so that no room for complaints exist with unexpected complications. Selling your car online needs extreme considerations.  Safety is a primary issue, while spam is another one, next to it is legality and time.  One should take all necessary precautions. After going through every possible insanity, we have laid down one big question to every car seller, why to sell individual, when you can quickly and instantly sell your old one to various car removal service providers in Australia? Do you think you need to take every necessary precaution? Well, no! Registered car removal service providers offer secured and legal service, so their exist no trouble of being cheated or robbed. So, if you have come to a point where you think your car is just worthless or of no use, then we do have good news! Your car can be turned to instant top cash for scrap cars. Maitland Car Removal service provider is in this business past fifteen years, and we buy every type, kind, model business vehicle in whatsoever conditions. We buy back your auto mobile for cash, whether in damaged, old, scrap or junk conditions. But the amount of cash you will receive depend on the inspection of car by our professional.   Also read: Factors determining the value offered by every scrap yard  

Get paid for every car up to $9,999

Owing a worn-out car can be an embarrassment for every car owner.  After all no one wants to have a tattered car parked in their garage or driveway? But getting rid of it, can be somewhat hassling. If its completely broken than you need to personally arrange towing service and get it removed from your property. Why are you willing to spend another dollar for it, when you clearly know its not worth for any additional penny. This is where junk removal companies come in. They offer car owners quick and easy way to sell their cars and receive fair amount for their piece. Advantages of selling your car to scrap removers instead of ONLINE!
  1. You can sell your vehicles as it is. Scrap dealers don’t expect any kind of repair and maintenance or prep for the unwanted cars.
  2. You can take advantage of their several free service such as Free Car Towing service, free paper work and free quotes.
  3. You no longer have to wait for buyers to receive instant cash. Instead, you can enjoy fast cash when you sell your vehicles to an experienced buyer.
  4. Get paid instantly. This is one of the biggest perks of car removal companies. They offer same day removal and payment.
  5. You surely have a buyer. Let us be honest with you, when you post your vehicle for online sale, there aren’t any honest interested buyers. You will only come across goofy buyers who just come to waste your time. But since Maitland is in the car recycling and buying business, they offer an avenue up to $9999.
Quickly sell your car in three steps;  

Handing over your car to Maitland Car Removal service, is quick and easy;

# Step 1: Call them to get a quote for your unwanted car. #Step 2: Negotiate the offer and schedule for free car collection ( its not mandatory for you to select the given offer, if you don’t like it you can reject the offer as well.) #Step 3: Receive payment, relax and sit back, as they will come and tow your vehicle for free of cost. For car owners who are desperate to get rid of their automobile swiftly with ease, can contact Maitland Car Removal. We release great deals for the sellers which are hardly refused. To get a cash quote, contact us through phone or e-mail us. We will reach you immediately and make you free from every junk vehicle.

Are scrap yards underpaying you? Know how & in what terms they pay for your scrap vehicles!

Let’s face it. Their comes a time when your car is just impossible to drive. Every early morning you wake up, just to start your car. And it has become a ritual. After tremendous amount of hard work every day, you finally made an effort to discover that you are spending more time praying for your engine to start instead of brainstorming ideas for any productive areas. If you are stuck in the situation like this than, what you may do is, get hold of good scrap buyers. Beside getting rid of your old tank, you may derive few cash. If your car is still in workable condition, you can further maximize its value and then deal with scrapyards. You may actually earn more from scrap trading instead of getting rid of it.  

What can we do to ensure best price for scrap car?

Irrespective of fluctuations and downturn in scrap metal market, the scrap yards make sure to provide best possible price to their customers. Auto-recyclers, will pay you more money for every unwanted vehicle. The payment shall be based on “Grade 1”. Metals falling under this head are not at all associated with alloys. And they should have no signs of corrosion and must be of minimize diameter and size to be accepted. While “Grade 2” scrap metals are made with alloys. These materials must be clear from contamination to get the price you are searching for.

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How will auto-yards measure the value of your car?

Prices paid to vehicles owner are as per ton. They pay on the current value, so don’t be amazed if they offer you high price a week earlier and less price today. The price of metal fluctuates every day. So, what you can do is keep an eye on the trends, so when you see the right time, you can go a cash in the unwanted auto. Fees paid for the scrap are either paid in cash or cheque. High amount of payment seeks for bank transactions, so if the amount is bulky go through banking channel while smaller version can be taken in cash.  

Benefits of recycling scrap metal

Vehicle scrapping is an environmentally friendly concept. It’s a process where the automobile parts are totally removed from the shell, tested and cleaned. As a part of dismantling process, all the toxicants fuels, brake fluids are removed and then parts which are usable in nature are kept for re-sale purpose. Also Read: Factors determining the value offered by every scrap yard

Things to do before scrapping it

  • Remove your personal belongings: People usually undertake this task for last minute. Which make them forget several important things inside their vehicle. Don’t be that last-minute intruder, do a thorough search and make sure everything you want is taken out from it before disposing it to scrap vendors.
  • Use up all the fuel: This thought only triggers a day ahead, when you are taking your vehicle to auto-wreckers. So, use up all the petrol before stashing it. Also make sure to remove license plate. As there are chances of misusing license plate in notorious act. It does make sense right!
  • Find out the valuable parts: Before hurriedly dashing to smash your car, figure out the important components. Conduct a brief research on your vehicle model type, and search for parts which attracts maximum value. This is a no hurt situation, for it can make you a pro while dealing with the dealers.
  • Safely store the title: While selling the vehicle to scrap, they ask for legal possession. Make sure every legal document is there with you beforehand. This prevents you from making back & forth when making final sale.
Vehicle recycling and scrapping is a difficult task, one can’t himself perform the entire activity alone. Beneath are the options and solutions, where the seller can independently make more money by selling their car.
  • Scrapping the entire car: A difficult task. When you are in a perfect mood to make a few bucks by scrapping the rotten car, laying in your backyard, individual attack is impossible. You need to align with local scrap yard to entirely recycle it.
Several benefits are intact with them. One, they give free towing service. Secondly, depending on the areas, they help you in obtaining clean title.
  • Distinguish the car & catalytic converter: Catalytic converters are valuable parts of a motor vehicle. You can make a good chunk by selling it separately. If you are planning to sell the entire car, just detach the catalytic converter and sell it individually. A profit-making agreement for you.
These converters are built with precious metal inside, and can be easily processed & smelted. Before handing over the vehicle, make a call to your nearest local wrecker and ask them for the price details with catalytic and without it. If the value is good, bang on, grab it.
  • Classify the metal parts and classes: Separate the metals and scrap the remaining one. This may take time, but its worth it. Self-recycling solution will make you understand the appearance of every built material before landing in scrap.
Cars have wide material inside. They have copper wire, aluminum engine blocks, rims, lead wheel weight, steel doors and many more. A great potentiality exists, in recycling the aforesaid material separately.
  • Separate steel and parts: Several salvage yards are looking out for extra steels and parts. If you can successfully preserve the additional portion like engines, side mirrors, doors, headlights, block and other parts, you can make additional dollars out of it. This can be only done if you are familiar in making and breaking of auto-parts. Individual selling requires lots of patience, but if you sell in local auto yards you can make cash instantly.
By now you might have possibly learnt about several techniques you can use in making cash from the scrap yards.  We say, car is a clutter of metal, but a metal holding high value. When a vehicle gets too old, it can be again melted and turned to a useful one, if any parts are oxidized, it can be used with any old one. So, we say no automobile is too old to generate few dollars. If you are in search of unwanted car removal company in Sydney, do remember us. Why wait, when you can make quick cash. Just pick a phone and give us a quick call, we are there to help you immediately. Don’t make excuses, as it can give out the chance of making good wholesome chunk of cash.

Know the lucrative benefits of selling scrap vehicles to Car Removal Companies in Sydney

You’ve planned to hit for a road trip since long time, while many of your friends have already taken cross country road trip with their utmost luxurious car. But you are still hitting hard to figure out the right path to get rid of your scrap vehicle and earn few sum. Gone are the days when companies used to charge high amount just to get rid of the scrap. Car removal companies now a days have become more popular for they are offering good money for removing scrap vehicle. And what’s more interesting and eye catching is that they are granting free car removal service. There are plenty of service in the whole of Sydney but before making any phone calls to them, know its benefits. If you are the one residing in Sydney, it is advisable to contact companies which have positive presence in the market offering good rewards.  

Advantages of using scrap vehicles to Car Removal Companies

  1. Free car removal services
Easy & Hassel free car removal service is what everyone seeks for, but hassling paper works is not what you want. With private trade ins you need to take your vehicles to the agreed locations. So, to happily agree with such deals you need to make sure your car is in a usable condition. If its not, you need to pay for the removal process. While on the other hand, car removal companies do offer complimentary service, where they will arrange for vehicle pick ups according to your convenience. The assigned professionals will safely remove the vehicles from the driveway without causing any damage to your property.
  1. Beneficiary deals
For a fairly good deal, your vehicles status does not matter. Many of you might hesitate with your car make year, model for they might be too old for present generations.  The good news is that, car removal service provider is least concerned on the make year and model. They buy every vehicles of every brands, so if you owe an old Ford model, don’t worry, they will happily take it away.
  1. Quick Payment
You want to be paid fairly. You don’t want to be under paid. There are many yards who pay individuals cash rather than cheque. Getting cash is more reliable than cheques. Further, you don’t have to negotiate on the price factor. With every provided detail you give out, they give you decent quotes which you can’t deny. If you approach any individuals, they are sure to under pay you. So, why take all the tensions when there are auto wreckers who are there to welcome you with correct price.
  1. No legal fusions
You just need to sign on a framed legal document. From framing to
  1. Be a helping hand
Selling your scrap to junkyard will be a helping hand for another one. Individuals who are seeking for reasonable auto parts can easily get it at a discounted price. For those individuals who can’t bear to buy brand new auto parts, purchasing them from auto wreckers can be a best deal for them.
  1. Eco-friendly decision
After your scrap is purchased by the auto wreckers, it will be sent to recycling zone where re-use parts will be made available instantly while remaining scrap metal will be sent to metal re-cycler. Vehicles that will end up as landfill can cause significant amount of harm to the environment. Professional companies adapt eco-friendly methods to salvage the material parts.
  1. Peace of mind
With good vehicles removal company in side, you can forget every troubling phase of yours. As we all know the trouble of finding right buyer. Why to take unnecessary repairs burden to fix the body repairs. There are several aggravated challenges with the growing rustiness of the vehicle. Distant located buyers who can’t come to and fro for the paper works, these automotive people take care of every associated legal work.  

At the end….

Offering vehicles to junkyard offers good chunk of money. You can tow your rusty for nothing. For quick towing service and cash for scrap cars, contact Maitland Car Removal Service, where helpful staff will ask you about the vehicle details.  Another way of contacting us, is through website. Any one looking to earn money from your scrap can fill in the forms given in the website and give us the price quote. Car owners can also drop in our location. The next step involved would be scheduled pick up of the vehicle.  We prioritize on the convenience of our customers, so they don’t have to worry about making appointments. With free towing service, we will be able to extend our service in Sydney, Maitland and NewCastle. Before, towing car, brief inspection will be carried out where price quote will be laid out. Two easy steps can help you get good cash removing  your scrap vehicle. Call us today!

Read this before you give your Vehicle to a Junk Yard!

“Free” “Free”, these words are luring enough to captivate any one’s mind. Who doesn’t love free service? We can’t deny the fact, we love anything with the word “Free”, even if its associated with free car removal service. These are something which catches us and divert our mind. Free service with extra cash & extra space. An extra room where you can park your new shining car. Driving is an exciting and fun filled part. For that part of excitement, few costs are definitely associated. Wearing and tearing of vehicle is a normal part but a difficult task is to find out peaceful solutions to strongly hold those broken components together. In Australia, we understand that spaces are valuable and you don’t want your old car taking it up. If you are creative enough you can, use various DIY techniques and even make a vehicle garden for your children to play around. But, do you really want to do that? Or do you want it to be taken by the auto wreckers for free of cost & even pay you with satisfactory amount. Just remember, fixing it shouldn’t exceed the cost price. Navigate every workshop, best take quotations from them and compare their price list. If the prices are lower then go for it, but if reciprocal dump it! Few questions to ask while choosing a junk car removal company:
  1. Where are they located?
Your ideal junkyard should be located within your area.  Reason, a distance located provider, can charge you an additional amount just to pick your rusty one. Their also exist chances where they may never show up, even if they give you a commitment.  Dealing with a local company makes you assured. Reason, you know them, secondly as they are near your locality, they can pick your scrap for free of cost. In an addition, you will be supporting a local business and its economy instead of booming the revenue of a business located milestone away.
  1. Will they help you with every paper work?
Paper work here mean, transferring the ownership of your car to a removal company. The paper work task, involving transfer of ownership requires loads of messy legal works. And a reputable car removal company should be helping you out with every necessary paper work. The only thing you want is to bear the liability although you have surrendered your vehicles to car removal company. So, be careful and sure while signing the paperwork and transferring the ownership to whosoever will be picking your vehicle from your premises.
  1. Will they pay you on spot? Or later?
Many of the junk removals claim to release payment on spot, but when embracing reality, the scenario turns different. They take you car, and you need to constantly bug them to pay you out. It turns out to be an annoying situation. In such, the quoted amount might dip, and you might be under paid. Ask them straightly about their payment strategies. Some offer quick payments while some offer cheques, which might never clear. Have money in hand before you let them tow your vehicle.
  1. Will they match their cash quote with yours?
When you approach any car removing company, they will ask you for your quote with vehicle description and detail. After you agree with their quote, they shall come to pick your vehicle, but the cash quote should be the same, it should not differ from any amount on what they had previously offered you. Don’t accept cheques, deal in cash. If any dime changes, inform them about your discontinuation of service with them. If, its same, give a green go!
  1. Do they give you free towing service?
You don’t want to drag your old one to their station by paying additional charge to some other towers. Taking towing service from others can cost you high. You don’t want to pay another added cost for that piece, right? Find it out. If your local service provider has the service or not. If they don’t, search for other car removal service provider who give that Free service.
  1. Lastly, make sure to transfer every liability
Before the driver leaves with your assets, make them sign and fill out registrations of the vehicle. Even if the registration gets misplaced, bill of sale will be a proof, which the driver should provide it on spot. Contact Maitland Car Removal service for a decent quote. For every car seller, it is important to ensure you deal with licensed, registered cash car dealers. We comply with every government rules & regulations to provide you with hassle-free, quick and complete legal service. If you have any junk, old or unwanted to car to sell, call us today at 0413 653 281!

Fix a car or just junk it? Points to Remember before getting rid of your automobile!

A common dilemma identified with every vehicle owner. Especially with the ones, who has shared some grey shaded memento with their “First Purchased Vehicle”. How can they just let go their mates who have seen them in every thick & through? Hard to let go your only love. But for once, every vehicle owner needs to figure out the best for their vehicles. Followed by the reason of holding it for long period, instead of selling it to an auto wrecker in New Castle. Well, one thing is for sure. May be the only reason for such, is that they all are seeking a big shot chance of car replacement service. Though its late, finally your senses have opened up after hectic bumpy ride. So, before handing over your vehicles, make some time to cross check the following;

Peripheral Equipment

  • Are the tiers uniform, not damaged, worn and properly aligned?
  • Do the locks and door handles work properly?
  • Are headlights, rear lamps clear and uncracked? And do they decent amount of light?
  • Is the car trunk filled with spare tier and emergency tool kit?
  • Are wipers working fine?

Interiors of the vehicle

  • Are their traces of moisture or mold in carpets and car seats?
  • Do you struggle with window controls and seat adjusters?
  • Does air conditioner work efficiently from maximum to minimum & vice-versa?
  • Does it have alarm system, sound system, backup sensors and keyless entry?

Dashboard & Cockpit

  • Is pedal working fine?
  • Is brake working perfectly acceptable?
  • Do light indicators of dashboard work properly?
  • Is steering wheel too hard to turn?
  • Are you keeping track of your vehicle mileage?
  • Are your gears difficult to shift?

Beneath the Wood

  • Does car oil have perfect consistency? Is the liquid level properly maintained?
  • Is their any sign of gathered and mold water?
  • Do you monthly clean your air filters?
  • Is your engine making weird sounds like hissing, grinding or squealing?
  • Is brake fluid reservoir, battery and timing in good shape?
  • Are there any leaks from pipes or tubes?
  • Is your internal engine well maintained and clean?

Any issue of Collision

  • Is your car paint uneven?
  • Do few parts have unmatched paint color?
  • Are there clear dents and scratches?
  • Have you safely stored every receipts and documents that shows the repair & replacement?
Its never easy to assess the true condition of any vehicle. As a seller, don’t try to deceive the buyer. Make sure to get your car full checked from any trusted mechanic before handing it over to any private buyers. Incase you are tired of searching an individual buyer in the whole of New Castle, remember us for car removal service in newcastle. Not to miss points before selling your car,

Before selling it, give it a good repair….

If you are financially stable, don’t take final repairing as your issue. Its really not a big problem to invest few amounts on car once you really adored. Besides, somehow you will be getting your money back. Technically sound and running car. Your car does have minor issues. But still you were able to use it till date. It has a clean history and you honestly feel that the new owner of your vehicle can drive it safely. Then a minor repair of denting and painting can be of no harm. Your demand for car still exists. Do you know any one who still loves to collect vintage car? Then bingo, you are a luck soul, for there is a greater chance of selling it in a profitable mode. Obtain top dollar from selling old car. Set a goal to acquire fair price for every venture you had made to get it right.  You do want to make the most even in the last minute. So, why not give a final fixing? Repairing can be issue, but cosmetic fix can another way to deal. Weather you are aware or not, addressing issue before selling significantly increases the re-sell price. Time shouldn’t be an issue for you. Fixing tits and bits won’t be quick and easy. So, slapping a deadline on refurbishing won’t reap healthy sum.  

Junking your car is best..

When you yourself know that no one will be satisfied after buying your automobile than junking is the only option. One’s junk is another man’s wealth. But this is not applicable for all, for one’s thrash can be a bigger thrash to another. And your gut has definitely alerted you. Fixing is just a waste of time, and you yourself are worried how the next successor is driving your car. If rust is eating away, you just have the choice of junking it. No funds and time to repair. Let’s say if you are in rush to sell your vehicles as you need to move out of state or to another place, then the only thing you need to do is opt Junkers for quick cash. An irredeemable car, which is parked in your garage since decades. Close your eyes, and head to the nearest wreckers. Repair cost is higher than actual cost. Use every possible accounting and finance technique you have learnt so far. If you hail from science background implement simple mathematics concept of profit and loss. Compute every possible cost of fixing it, if the total cost exceeds the price then optimistically sell it. Don’t put any additional effort, simply find a reliable car removal service provider company who are willing to pay you more for your old one. After all this consideration, you might be thinking that the process of selling it or junking involves loads of paper work and legal procedure, but in short it is a stress-free process with no hecticness. That is only possible if you sell your car to car removal service provider. If you take a chance to sell it to an individual than you need to be financially, mentally, physically and emotionally stable. As a seller, be honest about your car’s condition. If you truly understand that your car is no longer worthy to be restored, don’t fight. Sometimes do trust your instinct. If it leads towards junk hand it to a trusted car wrecker in New Castle. Believe & trust us, we will give the utmost value to your car, that you can never say ‘No’ to! Willing to know the advantages of availing junk car removal services? Speak to our friendly staffs just by dialing us at 0413 653 281!